One Of The Most Eye-Opening Story You Have Ever Read

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Recently, I read a beautiful eye-opening story, which I think pretty well shows the dark side of people…

Until I bumped into this story, I thought everything is fine in my life. But, after I read it, I found out, I have to change something. I found out, me and many of my friends do this mistake, which literally keeps us from achieving our goals.


I am curious…Will you find yourself doing the same mistake? In this article, I want to share this story with you.

Excellent, successful pianist once played for a large group of women.

Later, some of them went for a coffee with her and one of the women’s said to this pianist…

“I would give anything to know how to play like you.”

While the pianist was drinking her coffee said, “Oh, you certainly wouldn´t.”

The group suddenly become quite, the cups of coffee stopped on their way from the plate and the woman little embarrassedly answered:

“Yeah, I really would give anything to know how to perform like you.”

The pianist continued to drink coffee and said “Definitely not,” she repeated. If that’s true, you could be as good as I, maybe even better.

You’ve got anything to play like me except TIME and COMMITMENT – the only things needed for that.
You would not sit and practice, hour after hour, year after year.”

Then she smiled and said:

“Please understand, I’m not criticizing you, just telling you that when you told me you would give anything to play as I did, you did not mean it seriously.”

After another a moment of pure silence, the woman realized, pianist, is right…

Anyone would be glad to have her well-developed skills now, but paying the price of 20 years of hard work – that´s a whole different story…

People always say – “I’d give anything.” But the fact remains that simply ISN´T TRUE.

They gave very little, often nothing, for things they claim means so much for them.

If you´d look to every possible field, there are people who made it even when they weren´t as talented as people who failed…

So, if you say you would get anything to play basketball like Lebron James, my advice to you is…Stop talking about it and start working on it.

If you say, you´d like to sing like Lady Gaga, my advice to you is…Stop talking about it and start working on it.

Recently I read an article about her. She said, in school, her classmates had a closed group created for one reason – making fun of her. Of course, it was difficult, but she was committed to doing whatever it takes to prove them wrong. And I think, she did a great job doing it..:)

So, if you next time say to someone, “I would give anything to do XXX like you” – make sure it´s not just a phrase, but true.

But, what´s crucial, is to choose your dream wisely…

To do so, check out the strategy that helps you always make the right decision.

Because, I can say I want to become the best singer in the world, but if you´d hear me sing, you know it´s not possible…

I know, the pursuing of your goals can be terrified for you, especially if you don´t know how to do it…

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In a conclusion:

Don´t lie to yourself, if you say you want something so bad, make sure you do anything you can for it. 

Because…Why not get what you’re dreaming about? Each of us has time and opportunity.

If we say we do not, we probably deceive ourselves. With every effort and perseverance, everyone can be great at something.

I hope you liked this article. If you did, please, share it with your friends.

Please comment below if you have similar experience with other people.

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  1. Daniel says:

    Thank you for the article. Great stuff written about what you should do to achieve your success. It is true though that you must choose carefully what your dream really is before beginning to do the effort to realize it.

    And the most important thing to have to achieve it is perseverance. Only commitment and time to do the hard work that can allow you to get what most people do not in their life.

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