The 3 Worst Morning Habits That Can Ruin Your Day

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I believe we agree that developing a strong morning routine that makes you more productive and motivated through the day is extremely important.

But, while many people focus solely on what to do in the morning, this article is different.

In this article, I am going to reveal:

  • what are the 3 worst morning rituals ever,
  • why you should avoid them at all cost,
  • and what to do instead.

1 – Checking Social Media

In today´s world, it becomes normal to grab a phone right after you wake up and check what´s going on.

Unfortunately, this is one of the most toxic habits of all.

When you look at social media and you see new posts from your friends, new photos of people you follow, you immediately start to compare.

You see a someone having a third vacation this year, while you after a few minutes need to leave for work you hate.

What do you think happens to your mood? Do you feel enthusiastic about your upcoming day?

Your mood immediately drops, you start to feel bad about yourself and you wish this day is over.

How can you perform greatly that day? I think it´s not possible.

So, don´t check social media at least the first hour or two of the day.

You can check it out later after you finish your morning routine, that prepares you for a productive and successful day.

2 – Check Email And Messages

Another thing, that unfortunately, becomes natural to us.

The same as checking social media, checking your emails and messages, has an enormously bad influence on your performance through the day.

I am sure, you already experienced this…

  • You wake up,
  • you are in a great mood,
  • you´re motivated to achieve all your goals and crush a day,

But, then you look at your emails and suddenly you feel like going back to your bed.

Morning is a time in a day when you need to prepare for your (not anyone else´s) day.

By checking emails and messages someone else wrote to you, you´re dealing with other people´s agendas, not yours.

Every morning, first take care of your agenda, prepare for your upcoming day the best you can, then block time for emails and messages and deal with them.

Not just your level of motivation, productivity and happiness remain much higher, you´re also gonna deal with all these messages much faster.

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3 – Don´t Have A Clear Goal

There are not many worse feelings than going through the motion.

  • You wake up,
  • you do everything you suppose to,
  • but you are not happy at all.

You do it only because you´re used to.

All of this can be avoided by doing one simple thing – setting a goal. And by a goal, I don´t mean a goal that is 10 years ahead of you. Not even your New Year´s resolution.

I mean a goal for your upcoming day.

When your goal is to be the nicest person in your work, you´re going to behave and feel different, then when you have no goal at all.

When you set a goal, that by the end of the day, you finish the whole planning process of your new project, I am 100% sure, you´re not gonna go through the motion. You will have a clear direction, where to aim your focus through the day.

So, every morning, while you do your morning routine, try to ask yourself:

  • What is my goal today?
  • What do I want to accomplish?
  • What should I focus on?

Don´t just jump out of the bed and going through the day like a robot, with no intention and no goal.

What To Do Instead

When you´ve come so far, you know, what are 3 things you should absolutely avoid doing in the morning.

But, you may be asking yourself…

What morning rituals I SHOULD follow every morning? 

I  created Free Ebook called – 7-Step Morning Routine, where I share 7 morning rituals that the most productive and successful people in the world follow every single day.

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If you win the morning, you win the day. – Tim Ferris

Developing strong morning routine is among the top habits, all successful people have.

In this article, you didn´t discover what to do in the morning (if you want to, I created a Free Ebook for you, check it out here).

But, you discovered, what are 3 things, you should avoid doing in the morning, if you want to have a more productive, happier and successful day.

  • Don´t check social media in the morning,
  • Don´t check emails and messages in the morning,
  • Don´t start your day without a clear goal.

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