The 3 Types Of People In The World

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I know, maybe you´d love it sometimes, but you aren´t alone in this world. There are a bunch of other people.

When you look closer, you notice that there are only 3 types of people in life. Every person you know belongs to at least one to these 3 groups.

I discovered this in one of the 67 Steps and I can tell you, just being aware of this, help you to get what you want in life, immediately.

You´re gonna pay more attention to who you are, what you should improve and lastly, whom you should or shouldn´t hang out.

In this article, I am going to share with you what those 3 types of people are, and mainly, which one you absolutely SHOULDN´T become in life (if you want to reach your goals).

1. People Who Watch Things Happen

Being someone who watches things happen isn´t necessarily (as many people think) a bad thing. It´s actually, one of the necessity, to become successful in life.

The whole process of becoming successful in life starts with awareness (the first and one of the most important steps of the 67 Steps).

If you´re not aware of what´s going on around you, you´re gonna probably be disappointed in life.  You´re gonna be “blind” when a great opportunity´s gonna wait for you.

Let´s imagine you´re playing poker. And you don´t care about your opponents at all. You don´t watch them, you don´t see whether they bluff, or not. You just watch your cards, and you´re having a good time.

If you already played poker, you already know, there´s big probability you´re gonna lose and eventually,  you won´t have so good time after all.

And the same is in life. When you don´t pay attention to what´s going on when you don´t watch what happen, when you don´t learn from others, you´re gonna fail.

Warren Buffet says: “More you learn, more you earn.”

Always watch what happens. Be curious, ask for advice. Learn and do something, that moves you towards your goal.

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2. People Who Make Things Happen

This is the group of people, you should absolutely belong to. Those are action-takers.

You know, you can have a great idea, you can be aware as much as you want, if you don´t take action, nothing will ever happen. 

There are ton´s of people out there, who feel bad about themselves every single day, just because they didn´t have the courage to execute their ideas. Don´t let fear control your life. Become an action-taker.

To discover exact steps, how to do it, read also:

3. People Who Wonder What Happen

And lastly, the group you should absolutely AVOID.

  • When you watch what happens, you are paying attention, you´re learning and you´re moving toward your goals.
  • When you make things happen, you´re doing the work and you´re moving toward your goals.

But, when you just wonder what happen, you´re wasting your time. 

And don´t get me wrong. I am not saying, you shouldn´t wonder, when you see the sunshine, or when you experience some other mystical moment. You should wonder and enjoy the moment.

I am saying, you shouldn´t just wonder and do nothing in situations that shape your life.

You shouldn´t be like a defender, who plays against Lebron James, and he just wonders, how the hell he played around him 53 times in a row and how great player Lebron is.

See? It´s totally just wasting his time and energy.

People who just wonders, don´t learn, don´t take action, they´re just wasting their time and they don´t move forward in life. And when you don´t move forward, you aren´t living a fulfilled life.

Because, as Tony Robbins says:


From these 3 types of people, I recommend you to be action-taker and watcher.

Try to avoid “wonderer” as much as you can. You can wonder when you see a solar eclipse, or you see the star falls.

But, never (just) wonder when something important in your life happens. Always be aware so you can learn and try to take action as much as you can.

So, if you want to get what you want in life As Soon As Possible, you know you should be a watcher, so you always learn something new, and action-taker, so you don´t hesitate if you see an opportunity.

To not waste another great opportunity to learn from the brightest people in the history of the world, take a look at the 67 Steps.

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