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4.11. 2019

Inspirational Story: 3 Success Lessons From J. K. Rowling

There are many inspirational people in the world. Today I would like to share with you inspirational story of a woman, who despite many struggles in life, despite depression, divorce and dead of a loved one, reach her dreams. I believe the story of this woman is a great...

28.10. 2019

3 Bad Habits You Need To Quit Right Now

The same way good habits help you to create a life you want, bad habits can easily make your life miserable. Good or bad habits are usually what determines a healthy and happy person from a person who struggles with things like depression or anxiety. Whether you develop...

20.10. 2019

The Only Way To Make Change In Your Life That Actually Last

Have you ever make a change in life, but you couldn´t stick to it? Many people decide they want to change their lives, they take action, but after a week or two, they end up exactly where they were before. Why is that? Is it because they...

4.1. 2019

One Of The Most Motivational Story You Have Ever Read

Recently, I read a beautiful motivational story, which I think pretty well shows the difference between some people who achieve tremendous success and others, who don´t. Until I bumped into this story, I thought everything is fine in my life, that I do what I am supposed to. But, (thankfully) after I read...

10.12. 2018

7 Practical Tips For Effective Time Management

When someone asks me about effective time management, I like to use a money analogy. Try to imagine, waking up tomorrow with 86 400$ in your bank account. It seems nice, right? Then imagine someone tells you, that if you spend all this money today, the next...