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28.10. 2019

3 Bad Habits You Need To Quit Right Now

The same way good habits help you to create a life you want, bad habits can easily make your life miserable. Good or bad habits are usually what determines a healthy and happy person from a person who struggles with things like depression or anxiety. Whether you develop...

20.10. 2019

The Only Way To Make Change In Your Life That Actually Last

Have you ever make a change in life, but you couldn´t stick to it? Many people decide they want to change their lives, they take action, but after a week or two, they end up exactly where they were before. Why is that? Is it because they...

10.12. 2018

7 Practical Tips For Effective Time Management

When someone asks me about effective time management, I like to use a money analogy. Try to imagine, waking up tomorrow with 86 400$ in your bank account. It seems nice, right? Then imagine someone tells you, that if you spend all this money today, the next...