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19.12. 2018

Why Advice – Get Rid Of Negative People Is Actually Bad For You?

Did you already read at least 1 book or an article about happiness, success or anything related to your well-being? Or just watch a Youtube video trying to find out more about this topic… I bet, one of the first advice you got was – GET RID...

10.12. 2018

7 Practical Tips For Effective Time Management

This post may contain affiliate links. Please read our disclosure for more info. Imagine, you wake up tomorrow and in your bank account, you´ll have 86 400$. And the day after tomorrow, the same amount of money will be delivered to your bank account… It happens every...

7.12. 2018

How To Make The Right Decisions In Every Situation Of Your Life

How much would your life change, if you´d always made the right decision?  How much money and time you´d save?  The answer is – a LOT! Yesterday, today, tomorrow, or 2 months from now… Every day, you are making decisions. There are small decisions, like choosing a bottle...