How To Change Your Limiting Beliefs And Finally Reach Your Goals

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All of your actions come from your beliefs. Every dream, goal, step you want to take, will not be successful until you fix your limiting beliefs and create new, empowering beliefs.

If you don´t believe you can create something, you won´t. If you don´t believe you are worthy to find love, you won´t. If you don´t believe you have what it takes to succeed in life, you won´t. 

Whether you think you can, or you can´t, you´re right. – Henry Ford

I know, in life, there are lots of situations, where it´s hard to keep believing. Situations, where life knocks you down. But, these are the exact times you need it the most. 

In this article I am gonna share with you: 

  • Why your beliefs are absolutely crucial for your life,
  • How your belief can get you in the jail or help you reach your goals,
  • What are your limiting beliefs, how you create them and how to get rid of them,
  • How a certain belief can make you sick or healthy in a matter of a few seconds,
  • How to immediately change your beliefs, actions and eventually, your life. 


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What Beliefs Really Are?

The only thing that´s keeping you from getting what you want is the story you keep telling yourself. – Tony Robbins

Belief is a feeling of certainty about what something means to you. 

Let´s say, you make a mistake in your sales call and the client won´t buy something for you.  You can either:

  • believe you are stupid, incompetent and you will never be good in sales,
  • or you can believe it´s just another learning experience that helps you to reach your goal. 

Your beliefs work like unconscious commands for all of your actions. That´s why in order to change your life, you need to change your actions and to change your actions, you need to change your beliefs.    

In this article, I am gonna explain to you, how to do it.

Why Your Beliefs Are Extremely Important?

I am sure you already wanted to do something, that you weren´t really sure about. You had a goal, but you didn´t really believe, you can reach it. 

In this case, I assume you didn´t take proper action, you were telling yourself any possible excuses, you were more likely to procrastinate and eventually, you gave up and didn´t reach your goal at all. 

The second thing I am sure about is that you already believed in something. No matter what someone told you, no matter what happened, you believed you can do it. Which probably lead to successfully finishing it.

If you compare these 2 scenarios, it´s evident, that your belief is not just important, it´s essential for reaching any of your goals.

Any goal you have, the path towards it isn´t like this: 

It´s like this:

The only thing, that keeps you “in the game” and not let you give up on your dreams is your belief.  

Two Men, Everything The Same, Different Beliefs

In book Awaken The Giant Within from Tony Robbins, there was a great story that illustrates how powerful beliefs are: 

A man, a drug addict, an alcoholic, who serves a life sentence in prison for the murder had two sons.

One of them became exactly like his dad. An alcoholic, drug addict who ended up in prison. 

However his brother became regional manager for major national concern, he loved his work, he raised 3 kids and had a wonderful marriage.

He´s in a good shape, with no alcohol, no drug addiction and definitely no murder attempts. 

You may ask yourself, how the hell could these 2 men turn out so differently? 

If they were separately asked why they think their life turned out this way, surprisingly they both answered the same: 

„What else could I have become, having grown up with a father like that?“

Two sons, same father, same environment, different beliefs. While the first one believed this has to be his life, the other one believed the opposite. 

It´s not the events of our lives that shape us, but our beliefs as to what those events mean. – Tony Robbins

What Are Limiting Beliefs

Every one of us, have some beliefs. Core beliefs that shape our whole life. Beliefs, that affect your level of happiness, productivity, decision making, and success.

Unfortunately, a lot of these beliefs are not positive. A lot of those beliefs are not moving you forward, they drag you down. Statements like these:

  • “I don´t have time”,
  • “I don´t have what it takes”,
  • “I can´t do this”,
  • “I am not smart enough”,

These beliefs are called – Limiting beliefs. Those are beliefs that are limiting you. Beliefs that prevent you from becoming successful. 

After you successfully identify them, you need to change them and create new beliefs. Beliefs that will help you to get what you want in life.

But first, you need to understand, how limiting beliefs are created, which will prevent you from creating them in the future

How Limiting Beliefs Are Created: 4 Main Ways 

1. Parents  

Your parents want the best for you. They would never (at least huge majority of them) knowingly do something that hurts you.

That´s why they put these limiting beliefs into your brain. They don´t want you to suffer.

For example, they know it´s easier to get a job then starting a business that might fail.

They want you to be happy, they don´t want you to suffer, so to protect you, they put these limiting beliefs into your head. Beliefs, many times they were taught, by their parents. 

2. Environment 

Many times people who have a clear goal and work for it are the target of humiliation. 

When someone is afraid to do something that you´re not, they´re gonna discourage you. They´re gonna convince you, that it´s best for you to stop. 

But, you know what´s best for you. You know what makes you happy, so don´t let others convince you and drag you down. Be yourself and do what you need to do to reach all your goals. 

3. Teachers 

There are many great teachers all over the world. Unfortunately, there are a lot of teachers who are „dream killers“.

One example is one of the top football players – Cristiano Ronaldo. When he was in a school as a 12-year-old his teacher told him: „Football will get you nothing to eat.“

After a few years, when he already was a multi-millionaire (all because of football) he came back and donate a huge amount of money for this school.

I am sure, the teacher said it to him because she cared about him and didn´t want him to suffer.  But, fortunately, he knew his goal and he was determined to make it happen. 

4. Past events

You already tried and you failed. Why would you try again, when clearly, you don´t have what it takes.

This is a perfect example of another common limiting belief. We all think that something that we did in the past determines our future.

  • When Kobe Bryant missed a shot, he never stopped shooting.
  • When Colonel Sanders (founder of KFC) was rejected 900 times, he didn´t stop pitching his recipe until someone said yes to him.
  • When J.K. Rowling was rejected by 12 publishers, she didn´t stop until someone said Yes, which gave us Harry Potter.

All these people have something in common. They didn´t let their past failures determine their future success. All thanks to their beliefs. 

In the next sections, you´re gonna discover how to overcome any limiting belief and change it into brand new, empowering belief.

Your Beliefs Can Make You Sick Or Healthy

Dr. Beecher once conducted an experiment in which 100 students were testing 2 opposite drugs. A red pill was meant to be super-stimulant that makes them energize, while a blue pill was supposed to calm them down.

What these students didn´t know, is that capsuled were switched.

A group who should be energized after taking a drug was served with a calming one and the second group was served with an energized drug, instead of a calming drug. 

As a result, half of the students developed physical reactions based on their expectations, not the chemical reaction.

Their beliefs overrode the chemical impact of the drug. This is another example that beliefs have an enormous power to create or destroy, to help you succeed or fail. 

The best news is that only you decide, how exactly you set up your belief system.

Are Your Beliefs Holding You Back From Success

All of your actions come from your beliefs.

  • If you believe you fail to start a new business, you won´t start it.
  • If you believe you can´t run a marathon, you won´t even start training for it. 

You can take any experience and change the story behind it. You can tell yourself empowering or disempowering story. 

When you choose disempowering story, where you´re just a victim and everything is against you, your beliefs are holding you back.

Usually, that´s also a reason why many people don´t take action in life

So, if you too struggle to take action in life, one of the first things you need to fix is your beliefs, which I am going to show you below. 

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How To Change Your Beliefs And Actions 

The best way to change your current beliefs and create new beliefs is to using 2 emotions that make all of us take action. 

Sigmund Freud found out that everything you do is based on these 2 reasons:

You want to get rid of pain and you want to gain pleasure.

If you think about it, these 2 emotions are behind every decision you make and every action you take. Using these 2 emotions help you to get rid of all limiting beliefs and create new, empowering beliefs. 

Here´s how to do it: 

1. Associate massive pain to the old belief. Think about all the pain you´ve been through because of this old belief in the past and all pain that this belief will cause you in the future.

For example, you didn´t spend enough time with your family, because you believed, you didn´t have time for it.

In the future, you might miss your kids´ first word, first step or their first day in school.

2. Associate pleasure to a new belief. The pleasure you´re going to experience in the present and in the future with your new, empowering beliefs. 

Using the same example, instead of belief “I don´t have time”, you find the time.

You make time with your family a priority. You start better managing your time, you become more productive and you´ll get a lot of pleasure spending time with your family.

Just following these 2 steps helps you to get rid of your limiting beliefs and create new beliefs. Beliefs, that helps you to get what you want in life.


If you don´t believe you can achieve your goals, you shouldn´t bother to pursue them. Without a strong belief, you will probably give up, when the first few failures come up. 

Belief isn´t about what happened to you, but how you interpret what happens. You can choose a disempowering or empowering story. 

In this article, you found 4 situations that create beliefs that drag you down. I want you to be aware of them. Don´t listen to every person who doesn´t believe in you. 

Define your limiting beliefs and change them, using exercise you discovered in this article. When you start to believe in yourself, you´re gonna achieve any goal you want. 

Comment below – What is your biggest limiting belief?

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