Inspirational Story: 3 Success Lessons From J. K. Rowling

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There are many inspirational people in the world. Today I would like to share with you inspirational story of a woman, who despite many struggles in life, despite depression, divorce and dead of a loved one, reach her dreams.

I believe the story of this woman is a great source of motivation and inspiration you can use every time you want to give up on your dreams.

In this article you discover:

  • Inspirational story of a woman who went from depression into a billionaire.
  • What are the 3 principles of success you need to take.

True, Inspirational Story Of Depression, Struggle And Success

The story of this woman starts with a tragedy. When everything went well in her life, suddenly her mother died. It was so painful for her, that she eventually ended up in depression. She thought, when she is gonna move somewhere else, she could find a new life.

And, she did. She moved to Portugal and became a teacher.

At the beginning of her “new life” things went pretty well then. She met a guy, fell in love and get pregnant. But, one day this man decided to leave her. So, not only that she was alone again, then she had 2 mouths to feed. On top of that, she started battling with depression again.

So, she decided to leave Portugal and move back home.

While all these bad things were happening to her, she carried an idea for a book in her head. So, she decided to write a book. She was divorced, single mother, with no paycheck, but, she believed, this story can help her to get out of the trouble. She started to write.

Focused work

While her life´s been up and down (well, mostly down), she didn´t abandon her dream of writing this story. Even though, I believe she had a lot on her plate as a single mother who struggles with depression.

After she finished a few chapters of her book, she was able to pitch this book to the publishers, which was the only way, she could get out of this book. She went to pitch her book to 1, 2, 3, …12 publishers. They all said NO.

  • This story has no chance to be successful.
  • It´s not good.
  • Forget about it.

Well, she didn´t give up and she tried to find a publisher, who was willing to publish her book. Until one small publishing house agreed. But, when the publisher meets with her, he advises her:

“Make sure, you get a daily job too. Because, based on the low quality of a book, you have very low chances to succeed as a writer.” 

Well, likewise many great stories, this story has a happy ending too. This story actually went greatly. I am sure, you know this story. Because the woman behind this story is J. K. Rowling – the first person in the world who became a billionaire by publishing non-fictional books.

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3 Lessons Of Success From J. K. Rowling Story

A person like J. K. Rowling has to know a lot about success. Her story shows how anyone, despite all circumstances, despite all struggles, can reach what they want. Here are 3 lessons that J. K. Rowling´s inspirational story teach us:

1. Be Absolutely Clear About What You Want 

When you don´t know where you want to go, you never get there.

That´s why the first part of any goal you want to achieve is a clear decision, followed by a real commitment.

If you want to lose weight, you need to improve your eating habits and start working out. But, all of this starts with the strong, powerful decision that says… I am going to lose weight!

Once you decide that working out is the thing you want the most in your life and you fully commit to it, then you can make and execute your weight loss plan. But, if you´re not sure you really want something, you will never take enough action and have enough discipline that is necessary for it.

In the same way, J. K. Rowling decided she wants to publish a book, no matter what was happening in her life. She knew this is something she has to do, she commits to it and she didn´t care about what kind of obstacle life throws at her.

Think about it right now. What do you really want in life? 

2. Focus Your Effort To Reach Your Goal

The best way to get anything done is to eliminate all unnecessary things and focus your effort on the most important thing.

J. K. Rowling didn´t try to:

  • write a book,
  • become a speaker,
  • and get a Ph.D. in chemistry simultaneously.

She knew what she wanted (lesson #1) and she focused all her effort to make it.

Productivity isn´t to get done more things in a short period of time. Productivity is to do the right things in a short period of time. When you already decided what is it that you want from life (lesson #1), then sit down and think of the most necessary thing you need to do and focus on those.

Let´s say you want to become an author as J. K. Rowling. Well, what you should definitely do most of the time is to sit down and write. This should take most of your time. Then, you have some additional tasks like for example reading the best authors so you learn how to write more persuasively.Prioritize

But, you will most definitely don´t try to waste your time doing 20 things that none of them are related to your goal of becoming an author.

  • When you already know your goal, write down what you need to do in order to get there.
  • Write everything that you might think of and then, highlight just 3 things, focus your effort on them and don´t waste time with others.

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3. Belief Despite Everything 

If you start to follow your dreams, there will be a lot of people who say to you to stop. People who don´t believe in you. Sometimes even it´s gonna be people that are closest to you. Nobody believed in J. K. Rowling’s story.

Well, nobody except her. And thank God for that, because otherwise we wouldn´t read or watch one of the best stories ever – Harry Potter.

It doesn´t mean when everyone says to you that the black color is black, you should be arguing with them that it´s white. There is no point in that.

You should listen to people who want to help you. People who want to tell you to change this and change that so your product is gonna be better.

But, critics who say nothing except You can´t do that, Forget about it, You´ll never get there and You´ll never be successful, those don´t want you to succeed. They just want to discourage you, so they won´t look bad in other people´s eyes.

If you´re committed to your goal, believe in yourself no matter what and listen to only those people who want to help you. Don´t let everyone else´s opinion discourage you and make you give up on your dreams.


This inspirational story of J. K. Rowling teaches us a lot. It´s really one of the most inspirational and motivational stories of all. It shows how you can despite all circumstances and bad things that happen to you get what you want in life.

You can reach your goals when you know, what your goal is, when you focus your effort on the most important thing that gets you closer to your goal and when you believe in yourself and never ever give up, despite anyone else´s opinion.

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