How To Take Action In Life: 12 Proven Tips

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Have you ever wonder, why is it that that sometimes you know what you should be doing but you don´t?

You just keep reading or listening about it, you are finding all possible information, but you never take action.

You may be thinking… Why the hell this happened to me? I know everything I can, I did everything I was supposed to. Why I can not take action?

Taking action is crucial for getting what you want in life.

You may have the knowledge, you may have resources, you may have the greatest plan, but, without taking action, it´s just a dream. A dream that never comes true.

In this article, you´re about to discover 12 proven tips on how to take action in life.

1. Don´t Overthink

Majority of people think too much. It´s good to think, but there´s a difference between thinking and overthinking.

When you think too much about something, eventually, you find the reason why it is not a good time, why you should postpone it or why you should not take action at all.

For example, you browse the internet one day and you find out an article about starting your own business (that´s what happen to me). You´re super motivated, you already see yourself lying on the beach and just counting money.

But, this original enthusiasm disappears and you start to think about all the reasons why you shouldn´t start a business. All excuses and fears come up that you don´t know how to overcome them.

When you´ll think too much, you´ll never get anything done. Find out what you want to do, make a plan and start doing it.  You´ll figure out the rest later.

2. Don´t Overlearn

Another reason why people don´t take action is that they think they don´t have enough information. Here´s the truth:

You´ll never have enough information. You´ll never know everything. It´s not possible.

So, don´t waste time to overthink stuff. 

For example, let´s say, you want to lose weight.

Do you think, it´s better to wait maybe a few months and do nothing until you completely understand every part of the process (eating, running, swimming, sleeping, supplementing and more), or start to run every day and learn the rest along the way?

Learn the basics, take action and continue learning while you´re doing what you want.

That´s exactly what I did. And if you want to check out where I started to gather all the information, check out 67 Steps here.

Warning! Check it here only if you want to discover proven principles for improving your health, wealth, relationships and happiness.

3. Start Small And Build Momentum

Some people don´t want to take action, because they´re ashamed their action will be too small.

For example, someone who wants to lose some weight is ashamed of going for a run, because instead of running 1 hour this person can run only 10 minutes.

Do you think this is a reason to not take action at all?

Of course not. In fact, this is the best action you can take at the beginning of your path to any of your goals.

Take small actions every day and by doing that, you build momentum.

Momentum is something, that makes every next action easier. Something that drives you and motivates you every single day.

And once you successfully build momentum, you no longer have to force yourself to take action. You just do it. It´ll become natural to you.

4. Set Right Goals And Work Backwards

You can destroy your habit of not taking action at the beginning of your path. Simply by setting the right goals.

These are the goals that motivate you. That you see a clear purpose behind them. Those goals are a necessity if you want to overcome procrastination and start to take action instead.

After you learn how to set Smart goals that motivate you, the next step is to work backward.

For example, your goal is to build a new business that generates you 10 000$ a month.

After setting your goal, you´re going to ask yourself: To accomplish that, what do I need to do this year?

What do I need to do this month, and so on and so on. During the process of dividing your goals into smaller, less achievable ones, you remain motivated, driven and focused.

By working backward, you see a clear outcome and you are forced to take action every single day.

5. Turn Should Into Must

When you already set your goals you need to change your thinking. Always turn your thinking in terms of should into the terms of a must.

When it´s something really important for you and you need to take action, you have to eliminate any other possibility.

Stop thinking about what you should do to reach your goal and start thinking about what you must do to reach your goal.

So, next time when you wake up all tired in the morning and you have planned to go for a run (because your goal is to run a marathon next year) there cannot be thought:

  •     I should go for a run to be able to run a marathon next year.

There has to be a clear statement:

  •     I must go for a run today, otherwise, I will not fulfill my dream of running a marathon next year.

See the difference? The second statement is so powerful that literally force you to take action. That eliminates any other possibility.

And that´s exactly what you need to taking action, overcoming fear and getting rid of procrastination.

6. Stop Being Selfish

You maybe won´t like this idea, but it´s true. Every time you don´t take action you´re selfish. 


You think only about yourself. You want to feel better. You want to escape potential failure.

Instead, if you think about someone else who needs you to show up and take action, you wouldn´t struggle with procrastination and not taking action in your life so much.

Maybe your family needs you to show up tomorrow and build your business so they have a better, more secure life.

Maybe your mother needs you tomorrow to show up and do your work out so she doesn´t have to worry about potential diseases your bad lifestyle can create.

People are willing to do more for others, that for yourself.

Stop being selfish and next time you are afraid to take action, think about someone who is important for you, try to don´t disappoint this person and take action for this person.

7. Keep Yourself Accountable

This step is related to the one below. You, me, we all are humans. We make mistakes.

Don´t rely only on yourself and your willpower. Share your intentions with someone. Share it with someone who keeps you accountable.

If you should (once again) go for a run tomorrow morning, tell it to your partner or your best friend.

Then, when the time to make the right decision comes, and you´ll come up with all possible excuses, you won´t want to disappoint your partner or friend, by not keeping your word.

You don´t want to look bad at someone else´s eyes. You want to be known as someone who does what he/she says.

And that´s a great tool for keeping you to take action. Use it to your advantage.

8. Focus On 1 Thing At The Time

I always struggle with taking action when I am overwhelmed. When I don´t know what to do first. When it all seems too much for me.

When this time comes, I sit down and prioritize again. There´s a great book about it called – The One Thing by Gary Keller (one of the best books I have ever read).

From the title, you already suspect, what´s the main premise.

You should always focus on 1 thing at the time. Don´t add 20 things for your to-do list. It won´t make you super productive. It only overwhelms you and slows you down.

Put 3 main things on your to-do list, block time for each one of them and focus just about the 1 thing at the time.

If you´d like to find out more time management tips check out  7 practical tips for effective daily time management.

Or, if you want to go deep and learn also highly valuable practical principles check out the 67 steps here and learn from the most successful and smart people in the world.

One way or another, always focus on 1 thing at the time!

9. Don´t Try To Be Perfect

Perfection. One of the greatest enemy of progress (and taking action as well).

People try to be so perfect that they rather choose to do nothing than do something that isn´t perfect.

But, here´s another harsh truth: There´s no perfection.

Nothing will ever be so perfect than it couldn´t be done better. So, don´t waste time with perfection, take action, do your best and you´ll eventually get better.

Grant Cardone once spoke about his technique called CDFD.

He said, there´s only 1 rule he and his team follow. Nothing has to be perfect, it needs to be done.

Don´t try to be perfect, you can´t be. Just do it or as Dan Peňa said…

Just do it

10. Practice Action Daily

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then is not an act, but a habit. – Aristotle

This quote is on the cover of my Ebook 7-Step Morning Routine (if you don´t have it yet, the ebook is available here for Free). It´s there because it´s true.

If you eat one day a healthy while other days you eat junk food, does it make you a healthy person? Of course not.

When it comes to taking action, it´s the same.

Remember momentum? It´s pretty easy to take action every day, once you build momentum. And momentum can be built only by practicing every day.

But, when you stop doing something, it takes 2 times more effort to get started again. I know it from my own experience.

Once I stop doing something, for whichever reason, it takes so much willpower and effort to start to do it again and build momentum.

The best way to take action is to do it every day. Develop a habit of taking action. Every time you are thinking about whether to take action or not, just do it.

You´ll develop a habit of it, you´ll build momentum and then, it´s much easier.

11. Celebrate

Finally something funny, you might think. A celebration is a great way to keep your focus on work and taking action.

From what we know from countless studies, people seek instant gratification. That means it´s not enough for you to be rewarded after a few months or years when you finally reach your big goal.

Scientists found that earlier reward, even when it´s much smaller keeps you more motivated and focused than bigger reward in the future.

Use it to your advantage. When you make a plan and you accomplish it, celebrate it. But, no you don´t have to drink at least 2 bottles of wine to celebrate.


Do what you like. Watch a movie, go out and hang out with your friends. Do anything you like as a reward for your hard work (and in this case, taking action).

This makes your brain see that there´s a point of taking action. And when your brain is convinced, it´ll be much easier to take action next time.

12. Be More Afraid Of Not Taking Action

And the last point. The main difference between successful and non-successful people when it comes to taking action.

Firstly, there´s a misconception that successful people aren´t afraid. Well, they are, they just know how to overcome fear and how to respond to fear.

So, when it comes to taking action, successful people take action mainly because they are much more afraid of what happens when they don´t take action.

They take action and that makes them in charge of their own life. They know it´s better to be in charge than just sit and wish everything will be good.

So, next time you will be afraid to take action, think of what bad might happen when you don´t. And, when you think of the worst case scenario, you ‘ll most probably rather choose to take action.

To make your decision-making process easier, discover here #1 technique on how to make the right decision in every situation of your life.


You might have a perfect dream, perfect plan to achieve it, great knowledge and resources, but until you take action, it´ll remain only a dream.

People fail to take action for various reasons. They tend to overthink or overlearn. They want to make something so perfect than they rather choose to do nothing instead.

There are many reasons, why not to take action. But, in this article, you have discovered how to not struggle with this issue anymore.

Simply by setting your goals the right way, by effectively managing your time and plan, by changing your mindset and developing a habit of action, you can end your inactivity once and for all.

I hope you liked this article. If you do, comment below what´s the key takeaway for you from this post?

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