How To Stay Positive In Life: 10 Powerful Ways

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How to stay positive in life? This is a question many (stressed) people ask themselves every day. I bet, you asked yourself this at least once in your life.

Every person can be positive in life as well as negative. Being and staying positive starts with a decision. You can decide whether you´ll see what´s good or what´s bad.

The following picture I think, shows greatly 2 choices you have in life, positivity or negativity:

See? It´s your choice whether you look at this glass of water (as well as your life) as half empty (negative) or half full (positive).

Positivity is useful crucial for you when you want to live a good life full of happiness.

When you´re positive, the whole world seems different, especially situations you experience every day in your life.

But, firstly you should know, that being always positive can be actually devastating for your life. For a better understanding of why is that, take a look at this article of mine first.

If you did this, in this article, you´re going to find out 10 powerful ways how you can rewire your brain to stay positive even when things don´t work out.

1. Develop Morning Routine

morning routine

Every day starts with you waking up in the morning. And that´s the time when everything starts. It´s time when you determine how you spend your whole day.

Your morning routine can make you positive or negative, productive or unproductive, full of energy or walking corpse.

So, if you didn´t develop the morning routine that sets you up for success, I recommend you to do that right now!

To help you with that, I made an ebook contains 7-morning rituals of most successful and influential people in the world that sets them up for success every single day.

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2. Learn How To Let Go

So, you already know how to create the morning routine that helps you to stay positive through the day.

But, then the first problem appears – you start to think. You start to think of every possible problem or bad experience that happen to you in your life. How can you stay positive in this situation?

This is the answer – you need to learn how to let go things that drag you down.

You can´t be positive about situations that happens in your life when you didn´t close the previous ones. When you still holding on to the past.

If you think about what happened to you, or what someone said about you, you are focused on things you can´t control. And that almost always end up with disappointment, struggle and sometimes even depression.

So, learn how to let go things that drag you down, stop holding on to the past and focus solely on things you can control.

In this article, I shared 8 ways how to do it successfully. Check it out here.

3. Be Aware Of Your Environment

Maybe you´ve already heard this saying from Jim Rohn:

You Are The Average Of The Five People You Spend The Most Time With. 

From my experience I know, it´s so hard to become and stay positive in life, when people you spend the most time with are the exact opposite.

If you share something you´re super excited about with your friends or family member, and their reaction is extremely negative, it´s like they punch you in the face.

That´s the reason, why you should be extremely “choosy” about the people you spend your time with. It´s almost impossible to stay positive when all people around you drag you down.

Choose wisely who you spend the most time with. No, you don´t have to stop seeing all your current friends. In one of my articles, I explain why the advice “get rid of negative people” isn´t working all the time. Feel free to check it out here

But, you have to be aware of “who is who”. Whether these people help you or drag you down.

4. Don’t Let Fear Control Your Life

The hard time to remain positive attitude is when you´re afraid of something. And I don´t mean kind of fear when you missing your bus because you sleep 10 minutes longer.

I mean the real fear when you are afraid of something that affects your life in a big way.

Fear is an emotion that always been here and that´ll always be here. People who say they´re not afraid, just lie. Everyone is afraid to do something.

The difference between people who are successful and positive in life no matter what circumstances, is that they learn how to overcome fear. Once you learn that, you´ll not have so many problems to stay positive in every situation of your life.

You can discover here 8 ways how to overcome fear. 

5. Be Grateful

Gratitude. The most powerful tool for overcoming procrastination, getting rid of fear, taking action in life and also for becoming and staying positive person.

When people ask me, what is the #1 thing for becoming a more positive person I would recommend gratitude.

Think about it for a while. People (especially young ones) complain whole week about their broken iPhone. They use words like…

• why this always happens to me,
• this is gonna be another awful day,
• I hate when something like this happens,

and many, many similar nonsenses.

Then, you open your browser and you see an article from Unicef that says: 500 children die every day from lack of safe water.

When you think about it, suddenly broken iPhone doesn´t seem so bad, right?

Every person has so much to be grateful for. The problem is that we usually focus on what is wrong, instead of focusing on what´s good in our lives.

So, every time, you feel negative about something that happens in your life, just think of anything that you´re grateful for. 

I can guarantee you, you´re going to become way more positive, immediately.

6. The Body Is Mind

The body is mind. I’ve heard this saying a few years ago, but it stays in my head until today.

Body and mind are connected. If you don´t take care of your body, your mind won´t take care of you. 

Our goal for today is to make you a positive person. But, if your lifestyle isn´t positive too, it´s almost an impossible task.

Think about it, how you can stay positive all the time when you have almost no energy through the day when you´re angry, tired or frustrated?
All of these consequences are probably created simply because of a bad lifestyle. So, here´re a few lifestyle ground rules that help you to stay positive through the day:

Sleep enough

Many people say they don´t need to sleep, and they´re right.  They don´t when they don´t want to be as productive, energize and bright as they could be.

Sleep affects your life in a great way, but, unfortunately, this article is too short to explain all „sleep stuff“.

To understand how long you should sleep, what to do before you go to bed, and many other useful tips that help you to get more energy, enthusiasm, and productivity through the day, check out this great book – Sleep Smarter from Shawn Stevenson where all of this is explained in detail.

Eat healthy 

What´s going to happen to your car, when you tank shoddy gas in it? Eventually, it´ll stop working.

The same thing happens to your body and mind. It´s not possible to have enough energy and remain positive mindset when you´re all the time tired (not even mention chronical disease that bad food creates).


There aren´t too many things that help you to fix your bad mood into a good one as soon as exercising.

I am sure you experience this already. You feel bad, you did some physical activity and suddenly you have more energy and you feel much better.

That´s because exercising triggers endorphins (happiness hormones), which help you to feel happy and satisfied.

And that´s the key to staying positive through the day and life. When you feel negative, angry or disappointed, just do a little workout and your mental state is going to change, immediately.

So, to sum it up, fix your lifestyle, take care of your body and your mind is going to work much better. As a result, you won´t experience so much negativity and you stay positive with almost no effort.

7. Develop Thick Skin

People usually suffer when they let other people get „under their skin“.

When they´re so focused on what other people think of them or say about them. If it´s also your case, there is a 100% chance you are going to (unnecessary) suffer in life.

It´s not possible to please everyone. Even if you try, there will be people who will not like you. And that´s perfectly okay. The problem starts when you let it control the way you feel in life.

One of my friends is one of the nicest people I know. He wants to help everyone, he is nice to people, he can´t say no when someone asks him for help.

But, there´s a time when he isn´t available. Do you know the reaction of some people then? They start to be mad at him, they start to gossip about him. All because he wasn´t available for them one time.

When he heard about it, he was devastated. He wasn´t used to it.  So, I told him that in order to not feel like that again he needs to develop a thick(er) skin. 

Now, he understands that he can´t please anyone (even though, he still tries) and he won´t let other people opinions hurt his feelings.

8. Change Your Physiology

I learned this from Tony Robbins´s book Awaken The Giant Within. In this book, he also wrote about 2 ways how to immediately change your current mental state:

• Change your focus (which we already touched),
• Change your physiology.

In terms of physiology, I mean the way you use your body.

The way you stand, the way you walk, the way you talk absolutely matters when you want to stay positive, no matter what.

There are a few things that get you from negative into the positive state:

Smile – by smiling as much as you can, you will be constantly triggering the part of your brain that creates a neurological pathway to pleasure, which will eventually become habitual.

– In a poll conducted by Entertainment Weekly magazine, they found that 82 percent of the people who go to movies want to laugh, 7 percent want to cry, and 3 percent want to scream. This shows how people value laughter over many other things.

Stand straight – If you repeatedly use your body in weak ways, if you drop your shoulders on a regular basis, if you walk around like you’re tired, you will feel tired.

Exercise – we already touched above. Just doing some physical activity will immediately make you more positive.

These are a few examples of how you can change your physiology that help you change your current mental state from negative into positive.

For discovering more I highly recommend you to read Awaken The Giant Within.

9. Make Progress


Whether it´s your health situation, your relationship, sports performance or any other area of your life, the one thing that brings you happiness is progress. 

There´s an old saying that says, the moment you stop growing is the moment you start dying.

Try to be a little bit better today, than you were yesterday and you´ll not struggle with keeping a positive attitude through the day anymore.

10. Develop A Habit

Finally, if you want something to do over and over, you need to develop a habit of it. (for that, the best book out there is The Power Of Habit from Pulitzer prize winner Charles Duhigg).

Every time you´ll find yourself to think negatively, try this:

• instead of focusing on what you don´t have, focus on what you have,
• instead of focusing on what´s wrong, focus on what´s good.

If you do this every day, after a few weeks you´ll stay positive (on autopilot). You won´t have to think about it anymore. It´ll become natural to you.

So, make sure to read Power Of Habit so you truly understand how habit loop works, how to destroy old ones (negativity state) and how to create new ones (positivity state).


If you change your attitude, you´ll change your life. It´s a big difference in the level of happiness you experience, when you look at things positively, instead of negatively.

Here, you discovered 10 proven ways to become and stay positive in life. But, unfortunately, this article is too small to explain some of them in detail. That´s why I recommend to check out these 2 great books for understanding:

• how to use your physiology and focus to immediately change your mental state – Awaken The Giant Within.
• how to develop a habit – The Power Of Habit.

I hope this article helps you to become more positive oriented in life. If it does, please share it with your friends, to help them too.

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