How To Overcome Laziness: 7 Proven Techniques

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You want to do the work you’re supposed to, you´re reading bunch of productivity tips, every night you fall asleep determined, that tomorrow is gonna be different.

But, every day is the same. All of that because of one problem, you couldn´t solve (yet) – Laziness.

Laziness is one of the biggest dream killers you face every single day.

Your ability to overcome laziness is the one thing that determines whether you will, or will not be productive and successful in life. Whether you´re gonna reach, or not reach your goals.

In today´s article, I am going to share with you 7 tips on how to overcome laziness, so you become more productive, disciplined, full of energy and successful.

Morning Routine

If you take a look at the habits of the most successful people in the world, you find that they all have a morning routine. They don´t just randomly wake up, put their clothes and rush into the work.

They understand a key principle of life… If you do act randomly in life, you can only expect random results.

Morning is the part of the day, that determines how the rest of your day is gonna be.

Think about the last time you woke up and you were not in a mood. You were tired, lazy and maybe even angry. Something like this…

I am sure, this wasn´t one of your best days.

Every one of us experiences these wake-ups, sometimes. But, some of us know how to turn it around. Which is exactly, why you should develop your morning routine ASAP.

A morning routine is supposed to prepare your mind and body for any problem and obstacle you´re gonna face through the day.

But, if your morning routine consists of watching a new episode of your favorite TV series and eating 5 donuts, it doesn´t prepare you for a day, right? Even though, it´s still a routine.

You need to create morning rituals, that motivate you, energize you and make you productive.

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(Just) Start Small

People lose their battle over laziness usually because they procrastinate. They say… “I am gonna do it tomorrow. Or I am gonna do it in an hour.”

You already know, these statements almost all the time end up the same. By not taking action at all, which lead to becoming lazier and lazier.

Research says, if you are postponing your actions all the time, one of the most common reasons is that… you are overwhelmed.

To fix that, you should try to just take a small action. Not do everything. Just start. 

For example, if you wanted to start running, just go for a 5-minute run. Or if you´re not feeling for a run (yet), go for a 5-minute walk.

If you want to write an article, essay or book and you are always procrastinating, just write 1 sentence.

Research showed, 2 things:

  • Taking small actions is easy.
  • 80% of people who start to do something small, continue after they finish a small task.

So, don´t be embarrassed to start small. Starting small is the best way to stop procrastinating, start taking action and eventually overcome laziness at all.

Set Goals (Properly)

Your brain is a wonderful machine. If you discover how to make your brain to work with you, you can achieve whatever you want in life.

You already know, that setting goals is extremely important for the quality of your life. If you don´t know where you go, you will end up somewhere, you didn´t want to.

But, setting only one big goal can actually be contra productive. It can make you even lazier in life.

Let me explain. as I said,  if you know how to make your brain to work with you, you can achieve whatever you want in life.

What our brains need, is to see the final line. It has to see that you actually can achieve what you set. The brain, as well as you and me, wants to be certain. It needs to see the exact steps that lead you to success.

So, if you set your 20 year ahead goal, and you don´t have any smaller, easier achievable goals, there is a big chance that your brain won´t cooperate.

Simply because it´s not believable. It´s too far. Your brain doesn´t know whether you are capable of achieving it. 

The solution is this: Always divide your big goal into smaller, easier achievable goals.

In this case, you and your brain are going to work together on achieving every smaller goal and eventually, you end up achieving your big goal much sooner.

And what´s great about this goal setting technique is that it keeps you motivated, productive and mainly, not lazy at all.

You Are Probably Overwhelmed

I already touched this. From my own experience I know, I feel lazy and not do the work when I feel overwhelmed.

I hate that feeling when I don´t know what to do. When I sit down and stare at the wall only because I have no idea, what I should be doing.

Have you ever experience that? If you did, you should do what I started doing a year ago.

Schedule your day!

I, exactly as many people all over the world, thought about scheduling my days as wasted time. I didn´t want to sit down and thinking, what I will be doing through the day.

How wrong I was! When I tried this once, I loved it. So, I started to do it every day and my productivity goes extremely up.

I don´t stare at walls anymore and I don´t waste time through the day thinking… What the hell should I do next?

If you fall into this trap, you lose your momentum and you start to think… I didn´t see a new funny video for a long time. Let´s do it right now, I have nothing to do after all. 

And, as you know, from 1 video are 5 videos and episode of your favorite Tv series and suddenly, you wasted not minutes, but hours.

Not even that you procrastinated, but then you start to feel bad about yourself, and it takes days, to finally become confident again.

So, always schedule your day.

Do it the night before, or in the morning as a part of your morning routine. Whatever suits you more. Just do it.


There are 2 resources limited in your day. Time and Energy. Your energy through the day isn´t limitless, even though many people act like it is.

Let´s think it through. You wake up in the morning, you´re well-rested, you didn´t deal with any major problem yet.

Then (I hope) you do your morning routine so you are bumped with energy. And then, you come to work and you see let´s say, 10 tasks you should finish until the end of the day.

8 of them are easy and 2 of them are pretty difficult. What´s the worst thing you can do, is to start with… an easy one.

I know, it´s much easier to force yourself to start with easy ones. But, again, your energy through the day is limitless. No matter how much coffee you drink.

This is the energy levels through the day of a Jordan De Silva (with a caffeine).

As you can see, coffee helps you for a short period of time. But even then, your energy level eventually drops.

Okay, so let´s say, you finished these easy tasks. Then, a time moved forward and you have less energy, which means you´re not able to focus as well. What do you think happen, then?

Laziness happens. You start to procrastinate. And, it makes perfect sense.

How can you force yourself to be focused when something difficult is in front of you, and you have almost no energy?

You can´t. What usually happens is that you try to make up a few excuses, why these tasks couldn´t be done that day and you try to „sell“ these excuses to your boss, colleagues and yourself.

Am I right? Don´t worry, I am not spying on you 😊 I know that from my own experience.

I struggled with this a lot, while a solution is pretty simple:

Always do the hardest and most important thing in the morning (right after your morning routine).

Follow this rule and I am sure, you won´t end up making so many excuses and you won´t have to struggle with procrastination and laziness so much.

You Are NOT Here Forever

Now, we know that 2 resources are limited through the day: Time and Energy.

We already covered energy. So, let´s go to the second valuable resource – time.

Seneca, a stoic philosopher said:

„It´s not that we have a short time to live, but that we waste a lot of it.“

People live like they aren’t supposed to die. What people (myself included) sometimes forget is that our time is limited. We won´t be here forever.

Just keeping this (hard) truth in mind, helped me greatly to stop being lazy.

Tony Robbins has this great exercise for overcoming laziness. He called it, 90-years old Rocking Chair Exercise.

Tony says, that every time he is lazy to do something, he imagines himself as 90 years old sitting in a rocking chair, thinking about his life.

Then he asks himself…

  • What will I remember?

Choosing to sit in front of the TV or taking action and do something that matters?

This exercise, help him to always make the right decision, so he immediately overcome laziness.

Time is limited. Don´t waste it because you´re lazy. Take action and do something that matters.

Make A Change

Stop being lazy is a change in your life. It´s the same change as:

  • deciding to lose weight,
  • eat healthily,
  • or stop smoking.

And the greatest way to make a change is to understand what makes you act in a certain way. And there are only 2 things that cause us to act in life:

Pain and Pleasure.

You, as well as me or any other person, want to do things that bring you pleasure and get rid of things that bring you pain.

So, to make a change, in this case – stop being lazy, just do the following:

  • Associate laziness with pain, so every time you choose to procrastinate and you won´t do the work because you were lazy, you feel a little bad about yourself.
  • Associate pleasure to taking action and overcoming laziness. Every time you win your battle with laziness, celebrate. Do something you like.

These simple associations help you to rewire your brain so it becomes natural to stop being lazy and start to do what´s important for you.

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Laziness is something, that kills thousands of dreams every single day in the world.

Learn how to overcome laziness in crucial for every person who wants to become successful, productive and happy in life.

That´s why I shared with you these 7 ways how to overcome laziness.

Just follow them and I am sure, you´re not gonna struggle as much with laziness in your life.

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