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How To Make The Right Decisions In Every Situation Of Your Life

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How much would your life change, if you´d always made the right decision?  How much money and time you´d save? 

The answer is – a LOT!

Yesterday, today, tomorrow, or 2 months from now… Every day, you are making decisions.

There are small decisions, like choosing a bottle of water you will drink. There are bigger decisions like choosing your job.

And the most important decisions of your life, like choosing your partner for the rest of your life.

Ability to making the right decisions is one of the top skills, every person on this planet needs.

It doesn´t really matter if you are a business owner, employee or even president of your country…

You simply need to make the right decisions, period.

That´s why I decided to write this post…

I will present to you #1 technique, which makes you always choose the right option… and you´ll never waste hours like this…

This technique calls…


The technique is based on minimizing regrets you´d feel if things will not work out, as you planned.

Because frankly, only 2 types of people think, everything will always be exactly as they planned:

  • young people,
  • or naive people.

The first group has every right to think about it this way, but the second one doesn´t…

You can find out, why it´s really DANGEROUS for you to think this way right here.

But, back to the case…

The Regret Minimization technique consists of 4 simple stages.

I am going to use as my example situation when I have to decide whether to stay in a current job or start my own business. (You personalize it to your actual life situation):

1. Write down 2 options of decision you are going to make (Option A, Option B)

  • Option A – I can stay in my comfortable, but not-so-good paying job, and I may be promoted in the next 3 years (Option A),
  • Option B – I can start my own business (Option B).

2. If you choose option A, and things won´t work out, how much you will regret it? (Think 2-3 years up front)

  • Option A – I will have less stress, which is around starting a new business I will have more free time, and I might be promoted.
    BUT – if I won´t be promoted and I will not earn more money, how much I will regret this? (8 of 10)

3. Do the same thing, with option B. (Rate both decisions 1-10)

  • Option B – I will have less free time, I will be busier, I can more money and I will love more, what I am doing.
    BUT if I start my own business and after 3 years my business will fail, how much I will regret this decision? (5 of 10)

4. Choose the one, which has better results. (Less regret, if things don´t work out).

  • So in this example, I will definitely choose option B.
  • I would have much more regrets, If I didn´t even try to start my own business (known, that it can help my family, live life I always wanted for them).

So, I encourage you to make the same exercise every time, you can´t decide.

You don´t have to do it when you are going to the store, and you don´t know what kind of water you want to buy.


I highly recommend doing this exercise, when you have a really important decision to make, which affect your and your family´s life.

I hope it was helpful information for you…

Please, leave a comment belowWhat kind of decision you are going to make first, using this technique?

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  1. Eze Azubike says:

    Regret minimization is decision making is an interesting idea to try. Good article!

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