How To Make The Right Decisions In Every Situation Of Your Life

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Just knowing how to make decisions in life would definitely change your life.

Just ask yourself, how much would your life change, if you´d always made the right decision? How much money and time you´d save?

I don´t know you, but I am sure my answer to these questions is – a LOT!

Yesterday, today, tomorrow, or 2 months from now… Every day, you are making decisions. Your whole life is created by decisions you made in the past, those you are currently making and those you´re about to make.

In life, you deal with smaller decisions, like choosing a bottle of water in a shop. You deal also with some bigger ones, like choosing your job, or partner you want to spend the rest of your life with.

Ability to making the right decisions is one of the most important skills, every person on this planet should acquire.

It doesn´t really matter if you are a business owner, employee or even president of your country.

If you want to live a happy, fulfilled and successful life, you simply need to learn how to make the right decisions.

That´s why I decided to write this article that shows you a technique that helps you to always make the right decision. No matter, what situation you´re in.

This technique calls…

Regret Minimization

Regrets. I am sure, you already heard something about this word. Or better said, experience it.

It´s a horrible feeling when you regret something you´ve done in the past. When you know, if you could decide better back then, your life would be completely different. But, you chose wrong.

Let me show you how you can leverage your regrets, into making the right decision in every situation of your life.

Regret minimization is basically about minimizing regrets you´d feel if things will not work out, as you planned.

Because there are only 2 types of people who think, everything will always be exactly as they planned:

  • young people (which have an absolute right to think so),
  • or naive people (which have absolutely NO right to think so).

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4 Stages Of Regret Minimization

The Regret Minimization technique consists of 4 simple stages.

I am going to use an example when I need to decide whether it´s better for me to stay in a current job or start my own business.

(Please, feel free to personalize it to your actual life situation):

1. Write down (at least) 2 options of a decision you are about to make (Option A, Option B)

  • Option A – I can stay in my comfortable, but not-so-good paying job, and I may be promoted in the next 3 years (Option A),
  • Option B – I can start my own business (Option B).

2. Ask Yourself – If you choose option A, and things won´t work out, how much will you regret it? (Always think 2-3 years up front)

  • Option A – I will have less stress, which is around starting a new business I will have more free time, and eventually, I might be promoted and do a better job.

BUT – if I won´t be promoted and I will not earn more money, how much I will regret this? (8 of 10)

3. Do the exact same thing, with option B. (Rate both decisions 1-10)

  • Option B – I will have less free time, I will be busier, I can more money and I will love more, what I am doing.

BUT if I start my own business and after 3 years my business will fail, how much will I regret this decision? (5 of 10)

4. Choose the one, which you rated better. = Less regret, if things won´t work out.

  • So in this example, I will definitely choose option B. (5<8)
  • I would have much more regrets, If I didn´t even try to start my own business (known, that it can help my family, live life I always wanted for them).

So, I encourage you to make the same exercise every time, you can´t decide.

You don´t have to do it when you are going to the store, and you don´t know what kind of water you want to buy.


I highly recommend doing this exercise, when you have a really important decision to make, which affect you and your family´s life.

I hope this technique helps you to make the best decision in every situation in your life.

Please, leave a comment below – What kind of decision you are going to make first, using this technique?

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