How To Deal With Failure And Move On In Life: 7 Best Strategies

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What did you fail at the last time? Was it a project you´ve been working on? Was it your gym goal? Was it just an attempt to catch the bus?

We all deal with failure every single day. It´s part of our lives. Even though, it´s not our favorite part.

Failing at something is feels really bad. But, torturing yourself and not being able to move on and deal with it, is even much worse.

In this case, you´re bringing a lot of unnecessary stress into your life.

In this article, I am gonna share with you 7 Strategies how to deal with failure and move on in life.

Is It The End Of The World?

I know, nobody likes to fail. I know, how horrible you feel, when it happens. But, is it really the end of the world?

Is your recent failure a reason for torturing yourself and dwelling in the past? Does it mean, you can´t succeed next time?

Of course not. If it does, nobody would ever become successful at all.

J.K. Rowling says that failure is not the end of the world, it´s just an opportunity to get insight.

When you fail at something, you can torture yourself and hold on to the past, or you can learn from it and never repeat the same mistake again.

One Fail Doesn´t Mean Thousand More

A problem when you fail is that you assume, every other attempt is gonna end the same – as a failure.

Then, you stop trying at all. You don´t try to pursue your goals anymore. You give up on your dreams.

All of that just because you failed once. And it´s really sad.

Think about how you started to walk. You were falling and falling into the ground, but you never stop trying.

That´s why you finally learned how to walk.

So, if you failed in your work, or if your last relationship wasn´t successful, it´s not the reason you should stop trying at all.

And here´s proof…

“Successful People Doesn´t Fail“

I don´t think there´s a lot of people out there who believes this nonsense anymore.

The only type of people who remain this believing is people who are afraid to deal with their own problems, so they rather blame others or those who are just jealous.

The truth is, successful people failed a lot more than others.

Actually, if they didn´t know how to overcome failure and get back, I am 100% sure, they would NOT be successful at all.

The master has failed more times than the student has even tried. – Stephen McCranie

  • Thomas A. Edison – failed more than a 10 000 times before he invented the light bulb.
  • Colonel Sanders – the founder of KFC, was pitching 999 investors who rejected him before 1000 the person gave him money, so he was able to start one of the biggest franchise in the world.
  • J.K.Rowling – was rejected by publishers 12 times before she was able to publish a Harry Potter book.

I can go on and on. But, you already see that statement… Successful people do not fail is Bulls*it.

They fail and they fail a lot!

Sometimes It´s Better To Fail

Failure is one of the greatest teachers of all time. It teaches you much more than success.

And here´s why.

When you win, your party but when you fail, you ponder.  – Tony Robbins

When you win, you usually don´t feel the need for reviewing what you do. Why should you, while you´re winning?

But, when you fail, then (I hope) you start to think…

And that´s why I said that sometimes it´s much better to fail.

Although you maybe take one step back in the short term, you took one big step forward in a long-term.

And long-term success is something, we all look for.

So, think of failure as a big step forward in the long-term. That definitely helps you to overcome failure and stop holding on to the past.

Why Did You Fail?

As I wrote a few lines above, failure is a big step forward in the long term… Well, it´s only true if you do something about it.

When you failed an exam in a school because you were not learning at all and you won´t learn for another exam, the first failure wasn´t step forward at all.

To seeing failure as a step forward you need to:

  • Firstly, let the bad emotions go.
  • Secondly, when you calm down, review what was wrong.
  • Thirdly, learn from it.
  • Lastly, never repeat the same mistake again.

For example, when you tried to make a presentation for a meeting in your work, but the presentation wasn´t really good at all.Then, maybe you repeat it once again, with the same result.

But, repeating it over and over isn´t the step forward at all. It´s a definition of insanity:

Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.  – Albert Einstein

You should sit down, and start to think about what was wrong. You should definitely not trying to go there and use the same presentation over and over again when it clearly doesn´t work.

Always review your failures, identify what was wrong and start working on fixing it.

When you do that, then it´s a true step forward to your successful life.

Two Best Options How To Move On From Failure

Jonah Sachs in his book Unsafe Thinking explains the best way how to overcome failure. He says you should eliminate failure at all.

In every action you take, there are 2 possible outcomes:

  • You either succeed,
  • or you fail.

But, what was written about failure a few paragraphs above?

When you learn from it, it´s not a seatback, it´s a step forward toward your goal.

So, instead of options that you either succeed or fail, you have 2 different options:

  • You either succeed
  • or you learn.

Seeing learning as a step forward eliminate failure from your life.

Even when you don´t succeed in something, you will not look at this as a failure, but as a learning experience, that brings you closer to your big goal.

With this approach to failure, you will not struggle with torturing yourself and you move on very quickly.

Don´t Fail

And lastly, I want to say to you something, that probably made you think, I´m crazy. It´s because, the whole article was about the idea of moving on and not be afraid to fail.

But, the last tip is little bit different, alhough it´s super important. Not just for overcoming failure, but for becoming successful in life, in general.

Don´t fail.

Warren Buffet (the legendary investor and for a very long time the richest person in the world) was asked in the interview, what are his rules for his business success.

He replied… I have only 2 rules:

  • Never lose money.
  • Always remember rule #1.

Pretty rational, right? If you never lose money, you can´t fail in business. And if you never fail, you´ll never have to deal with overcoming failure.

What this message “never lose money“ means is that you should try to eliminate the number of your failures.

Instead of your colleague (who compete for the same promotion with you) who make 5 mistakes a day, try to do maximally 3.

And how can you do that? By applying another of Warren Buffet´s principle, which is…

Learn from other people mistakes.

On another interview he said:

Sure, you are supposed to learn from a mistake, but these mistakes don´t have to be yours.

Try to read, listen, learn and improve as much as you can.

Peter Drucker in his book Managing Oneself says the same:

Survival machines, who can simulate the future, are one jump ahead, against the survival machines who can only learn by over trial and error.

The problem with over trial is that it takes time and energy. The problem with over error is that it´s often fatal.

The message behind this is really simple. Learn from other people as much as you can and you avoid plenty mistakes and failures in life.


Failure is part of your life. No matter how much you try, you will never completely eliminate it.

That´s why it´ s important to understand, how to deal with failure.

I am sure that if you implement these 7 strategies, moving on is gonna be much easier for you. Don´t forget that successful people fail all time.

Don´t be afraid to fail, learn from it and move forward. This is the only way you can reach any goal you want it life.

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