Why You Should Not Always Get Rid Of Negative People

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Just get rid of negative people from your life and you´ll be happy and more successful. I am sure that if you read at least 1 book, article or see a video about topics like happiness and success you already saw this advice.

Well, I believe it is important to make sure you get rid of some negative people. But, it´s not black and white. 

In this article, I am gonna try to explain to you:

  • Why you should not always get rid of negative people,
  • Who is a really negative person and who is not,
  • And how to deal with them so you won´t be discouraged, but motivated.

Some People Aren´T Just Negative, They Are Toxic


There is a group of people, around which it´s really difficult, maybe even impossible being happy and successful. I believe these people aren´t negative people, they are toxic. Toxic for you, for your thoughts and for all your actions.

I know this from my own experience. Some of my “friends” rather made fun of me while I was trying to start a business. Or when I rather stay home and read a book, instead of going out to a bar with them, they weren´t supportive, they start to gossip about me.

But, despite all of that, I believe, there is a time when you shouldn´t get rid of negative people. In some cases, getting rid of negative people can be actually bad for you. 

That´s why I decided to write this article.

A Man Who Didn´t Care What Negative People Say

Once I heard a story from a famous motivational speaker – Les Brown:

Mr. Brown was once on a conference of public speakers, and there was a man who lectured them. All attendees saw, this man wasn´t so good, didn´t have a real talent for public speaking, but still, he was up there, and all other speakers (better than him) were sitting, and listening to him.

They all thought: „How the hell can he be up there, talking, and we are down here, and listen to him.“

The speaker said. “I know, I don’t have charisma. I know, I don’t have energy. I know, I’m not as enthusiastic as many of you here.  But the reason I’m standing up here and holding this microphone and you are seated out there listening to me is because I represent the thoughts you have rejected for yourself.”


Despite any circumstances, this man finds the courage and did what many more talented people didn´t. I am sure, they were hundreds of negative people, who wanted to discourage him from public speaking, but he didn´t care.

He knew this is what he wanted to do. He didn´t necessarily get rid of all negative people, he found a way how to deal with them.

But, back to your life situation.

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Why you shouldn´t always get rid of negative people?

When I wanted to start my own business, I said about it to my family. What do you think, their reaction was?

“Is this real? If it was too easy, everybody would do it. Just finish school and get a good job…”

 And so on, and so on. I bet many people experience this when you talk about something that isn´t common, with your family.

But my question is…

Should I stop meeting my family? Should I stop talking to them?

Should I be offended, and wait for their apology, because they didn´t share my vision?


These people didn´t react negatively because they don´t want me to succeed. It´s the opposite. They love me, they want the best for me and they don´t want me to struggle. They know, there is a high chance of failing in business and they want me to avoid it.

I believe the same is with you. I am sure, some people who were a little bit negative with you don´t do this because they hate you, but because they love you and they want a happy life for you.

There are some negative people in the world you SHOULDN´T get rid of, and there are negative people who you SHOULD get rid of ASAP.

How To Know The Difference?

There are 2 reasons, people act negatively to you:

  1. As I already mention, they love you and don´t want anything bad to happen to you.
  2. Or, they envy you, they want to discourage you because they don´t want you to do something, they never find the courage to.

Then, there is only one thing for you to do.

When you listen carefully, after a while, you will know exactly who wants to help you, and who doesn´t. Who has your best intentions in heart and who doesn´t?

Once you realize who is who, you know exactly which people should stay, and which people show to go get rid of as soon as possible. 

One Bonus Tip At The End

What about people from the first group, who wants to help me, but still are a little bit negative?

Just don´t bring this subject as often. Don´t give them a reason to be negative. Find out what triggers their negativity, and try to avoid it.

But, when sometimes they start talking about it, don´t be upset, try to learn from anything they tell you. Take some of their constructive criticism, take their advice and don´t take personal negative statements that are not helping you at all.  

And most important – Keep in mind, they do it because they love you and wants the best for you! 

I hope this article was helpful to you. If it did, please share it with your friends.

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