Why You Should Not Be Positive All The Time If You Want To Succeed

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“Always be positive. Stop thinking negatively and you´ll be happy and successful for the rest of your life.” 

Every person I know already heard this advice. In fact, 99% of all people who want to change their lives start with changing their mindset into – Always positive mode.

For example, my girlfriend once studied for an exam and she said to me, I know what I have to do. I just need to think positively, and I will pass the exam. I said, is it truly anything you should do? Shouldn´t you also study? 😊

She studied really hard and finally passed the exam.

My point is, that even when she is super sensitive and she is always worried about something, she knows one thing – all it takes is to be positive and everything will be okay.

Lots of people think that way, but I believe it´s not black and white. I believe there is a time when you should be positive, but there is also a time when you should be negative. In fact, being negative in certain situations is actually crucial for becoming more successful in anything you do.

In this article, I am going to share with you when you should be more negative in life and how it brings you more success.

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Don´t Get Me Wrong, I Love Being Positive!

In the last article, I wrote why you SHOULDN´T get rid of negative people. This article had a pretty good response, so, be sure to check it out too. Today, I´d like to write to you why being always positive can be actually devastating for you (another very controversial topic, yeeey).

But, firstly, let me tell you, that I am a big fan of positive thinking. In fact, for a very long time, I was the only person in my family, who tried to be always positive, no matter what´s going on. In time, I infected people who are closest to me with this attitude and they seem to be happier.

So, please, don´t get me wrong, I am a big fan of a positive mindset, but I am against something I called – Always positive mode.

Do Pilots Train To Be Positive All The Time?

I am sure, a plane is one of the places you expect everything goes smoothly. When you´re on a plane, you don´t want a pilot to make a mistake, right?

Let´s say, that their training would consist only of learning what they are supposed to do when everything goes fine. They would know what buttons to push in which order, how to take off and how to land when they have the best conditions and nothing goes wrong.

Would you get on the plane with this kind of pilot? I don´t know you, but I would definitely not even consider flying. Thankfully, that´s not the case here.

The same way pilots can´t be trained to be always positive and lack preparation of other possibilities, you shouldn´t either. No matter how good the plan you make, there is almost a 100% possibility that something goes wrong.

If you are always positive and you don´t even consider it, you´re not prepared and when the problem appears, you´re screwed. But, if you are a little bit negative at the beginning and you think of possible problems and their solutions in advance, you´re well prepared and you handle this setback much quicker and much better.

How Air Force Pilots Plan

Air force pilots need to have exact plans for 3 scenarios before they take off.

  • One for the best scenario – when everything goes as it should,
  • One for the most likely scenario,
  • And one for the worst scenario.

Why should they make a plan for the worst scenario? Why they simply don´t think positively and then, nothing bad will happen to them?

Pilots are responsible not just for their own life, but for the lives of hundreds of other people. They have to make sure, they made the least amount of mistakes they possible can. And the only way to do so is to be prepared in advance.

In my opinion, it´s better to be a little bit “negative” at the beginning, predict what could go wrong and prepare for it. Whether you start a business or you try to lose weight, it works all the time.

  1. Think in advance, what can go wrong and prepare a back-up plan for it.
  2. Only then be as positive as you can and hope nothing bad will happen.

Being Negative Makes You Happier And Less Stressed

When do you feel happier and less stressed?

  • Going to sleep at night, knowing that even when something goes wrong, you are prepared for it? That it won´t have fatal consequences on your life?
  • Or when you just hope everything goes exactly as you planned, while you know that when something goes wrong, you´ll be screwed?

Which scenario evokes more happiness in you?

Let´s say, you are a business owner and you are starting a new project. So, what if:

  • this project goes wrong?
  • you don´t have finances?
  • your supplier cancels your agreement?

Wouldn´t you be a much more satisfied, knowing you are already prepared for it? Knowing your business doesn´t fail because of it? Wouldn´t you be also much calmer?

Let´s say, tomorrow you are going to fly to Paris (yes, flying again 😊). When you´d be more worried?

  • if the pilot has an exact plan for overcoming any problems in the air?
  • or if the pilot just think positive that nothing bad could happen?

It´s a little extreme example, but it shows exactly, when to be and when not to be positive.

“Prepare for the rainy days, before it´s rainy.” – John Wooden

What If You Suddenly Lose Your Job?

Another example (and a tip) for you when you should be a little bit negative at the beginning is your income. You should assume that you can lose your job or that you can have an accident so you will not be able to work. What will happen then? Are you prepared for that?

That´s why you should have a financial reserve at least the wage of your 3-month income.

So if you are earning 2 000$ per month, you should have a reserve at least (6 000$).

Be negative at the beginning and assume everything might go wrong. Then, you would be less worried about you, losing your job because you know, your family will survive. But, if you instead rely on every paycheck, you´d be in trouble.

The golden rule: Be negative at the beginning, prepare for the worse, then be as positive as you can and hope everything goes fine.

Being Always Positive Can Be As Bad As Being Always Negative

As you can see, in some cases being always positive can hurt you even more, than being always negative.

When you are always positive and don´t think for a second that something may not go according to your plan, you aren´t prepared for the worse and that could be devastating for you.

So, please if you won´t remember anything from this post, just remember this rule:

Be negative at the beginning, prepare for the worse, then be as positive as you can and hope, everything goes fine.

In Conclusion:

I hope, you aren´t gonna be one of those people who always just hope nothing bad will happen. I hope this article helps you to become rather a person who prepares for the worse and not let any circumstances crush your dreams. Then, after you prepare be as positive as you possibly can.

All these paradoxical principles shared in this article are used by many successful people all over the world. Yet, almost no one knows about it.

And I didn´t too until I enrolled in the 67 Steps program, where I found this. Actually, I was one of those people who are always positive, with no back-up plan. Now, I know I could save a lot of time and money if I saw this lesson before.

This was one of the top lessons from the 67 Steps. Lessons, from the greatest thinkers and most successful people in the history of the world.

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