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2.4. 2019

5 Practical Ways To Stop Procrastination Once And For All

Have you ever experience this? You arrive to work, you know you need to call someone, write a report, finish a presentation, but instead, you suddenly find yourself browsing the internet for more than an hour? Or maybe you arrive home, you know you should clean your...

27.3. 2019

23 Motivational Quotes For Your Daily Success

Sometimes, every one of us needs motivation from outside. I am the first one who´d tell you, unless your motivation doesn´t come from within, most likely, you´re not gonna make it. But, I know from time to time, there are times, when you feel tired, when...

28.2. 2019

4 Secret Tips To Boost Your Confidence

Have you ever told yourself something like this? If you do, I am almost 100% sure you have a problem with CONFIDENCE. In today´s society, I see 2 types of people…     The one with WAY MORE confidence that is “healthy”.     The one with almost...

25.2. 2019

4 Necessary Skills For Success And Happiness

This post may contain affiliate links. Please read our disclosure for more info. If I´ll ask you today, what are your goals in life, I bet you say one of those 2 things: I want to be SUCCESSFUL, or I want to be HAPPY. Everybody wants to know what to...

17.1. 2019

6-Step System For Effectively Solving Every Problem You Can Imagine

This post may contain affiliate links. Please read our disclosure for more info. What if I told you there is a precise way to solve every problem you’re just struggling with? I think you´d like this, right? The exact step by step system you use every time you deal...

8.1. 2019

3 Signs You Will Become A Great Leader One Day

This post may contain affiliate links. Please read our disclosure for more info. Warren Buffet once said: “The best skill you may develop for your life is to persuade and lead people.” When you know how to lead and persuade people, your opinion is always heard. You...

4.1. 2019

One Of The Most Motivational Story You Have Ever Read

Recently, I read a beautiful motivational story, which I think pretty well shows the difference between some people who achieve tremendous success and others, who don´t. Until I bumped into this story, I thought everything is fine in my life, that I do what I am supposed to. But, (thankfully) after I read...

2.1. 2019

Why You Should Not Be Positive All The Time If You Want To Succeed

“Always be positive. Stop thinking negatively and you´ll be happy and successful for the rest of your life.”  Every person I know already heard this advice. In fact, 99% of all people who want to change their lives start with changing their mindset into – Always positive...

19.12. 2018

Why You Should Not Always Get Rid Of Negative People

Just get rid of negative people from your life and you´ll be happy and more successful. I am sure that if you read at least 1 book, article or see a video about topics like happiness and success you already saw this advice. Well, I believe it is...

10.12. 2018

7 Practical Tips For Effective Time Management

When someone asks me about effective time management, I like to use a money analogy. Try to imagine, waking up tomorrow with 86 400$ in your bank account. It seems nice, right? Then imagine someone tells you, that if you spend all this money today, the next...