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11.11. 2019

How To Set Deadlines You´ll Definitely Stick To

Maybe you set deadlines in the past, but you couldn´t meet them. Or perhaps you´re one of those who think setting deadlines is just a waste of time. The truth is, knowing how to set deadlines is extremely necessary for increasing your productivity. Without a sense of...

4.11. 2019

Inspirational Story: 3 Success Lessons From J. K. Rowling

There are many inspirational people in the world. Today I would like to share with you inspirational story of a woman, who despite many struggles in life, despite depression, divorce and dead of a loved one, reach her dreams. I believe the story of this woman is a great...

28.10. 2019

3 Bad Habits You Need To Quit Right Now

The same way good habits help you to create a life you want, bad habits can easily make your life miserable. Good or bad habits are usually what determines a healthy and happy person from a person who struggles with things like depression or anxiety. Whether you develop...

20.10. 2019

The Only Way To Make Change In Your Life That Actually Last

Have you ever make a change in life, but you couldn´t stick to it? Many people decide they want to change their lives, they take action, but after a week or two, they end up exactly where they were before. Why is that? Is it because they...

14.10. 2019

Long Term Goals vs. Short Term Goals: Do You Really Need Both?

Should you set long term goals? Should you set short term goals? Which one is better? Do you really need both? Which one keeps you motivated and focused when the hard time comes? A lot of people are a little bit confused when it comes to long...

7.10. 2019

3 Proven Ways To Stop Making Bad Decisions In Life

How can I stop making bad decisions in my life? A question, all of us want to find an answer for. We all made bad decisions in the past. Decisions that cause us relationships, health, time or money.  The truth is, you will never be smart enough...

30.9. 2019

How To Change Your Limiting Beliefs And Finally Reach Your Goals

All of your actions come from your beliefs. Every dream, goal, step you want to take, will not be successful until you fix your limiting beliefs and create new, empowering beliefs. If you don´t believe you can create something, you won´t. If you don´t believe you...

23.9. 2019

How Top Business Executives Increase Their Productivity By 500%

In today´s busy world, the only way to manage your work, relationships, family, and health is to find out how to increase your productivity. There are lots of time management strategies that work. But, recently, in an ebook that I was reading called – 5 Steps...

16.9. 2019

Motivation Guide: How To Motivate Yourself In Every Situation

Every day thousands of people all over the world want to find an answer on a question how to motivate yourself. However, the most successful people in the world still focus less and less on motivation. Don´t get me wrong. Knowing how to motivate yourself is important...

9.9. 2019

How To Become More Confident Using One Secret Rule

Lately, I´ve been wondering how to become more confident in life.  I believed, it is a little bit unfair, that some people are born with the ability to light up every room they enter, while others can´t stand for themselves.  So, I did a little research and I found...