How Can You Benefit From This Site?

Dayprov.com is a place, you will find proven tips mainly on topics: 

  • - Productivity - How can you get more done, without jeopardizing any area of your life? 
  • - Habit creation - How to develop habits that help you to get what you want in life? 
  • - Success - How to reach any goal, following proven principles of success?
  • - Motivation - How to not give up and pursue your goals, even when nothing seems to work out?

It´s a place FOR people...who want to improve their lives and learn from successful people all over the world.
It´s NOT a place for people...who don´t want to reach their goals and are convinced their life can´t become
even better.

Hi! My name is Patrik and I am the founder of Dayprov.com (shorter from EveryDay ImProvements).

I am from Slovakia and I started DayProv while I was a college student, because I believe that the only way you can
reach your goals and become successful is to become better every single day. 

Why DayProv Was Created And 
Especially... How It Will Help You?

One night when I´ve had deeper thinking about my life I found out that I don´t know what would be a good life direction for me. So, I used a tool I think you already heard of – Google. 

I started googling, and what I found was many well-known people agreed on this – Find your passion.

After my (deep) thinking, I realized, I was always curious about successful people and since I can remember, I just wanted to find an answer to this question:

Why is it that some people succeed in everything they touch,
while others don´t?

So, I started to „do my homework“. I become obsessed with this topic. I read and listen to anything related to principles of success and happiness. And from the beginning, I started to notice a pattern.

It definitely wasn´t because one group was more intelligent. It wasn´t because one group had more resources too.

It was all about habits, routines, principles, and guidance they followed
every single day, while others, don´t. 

And these habits, principles, secrets (name it however you want) are the exact stuff you are going to find here. The real key is to improve a little bit every single day.  

So, whether you want to: 

  • - Become more productive so you can get more done and have enough free time for yourself and your family,  
  • - Take another step towards your goals so you can live life, you always dream about, 
  • - or just to be happier than you ever were. 

...I can guarantee you...YOU ARE IN THE RIGHT PLACE!

How can I be so sure?

I believe the best way to finally get whatever you want from life is to learn from those, who already did it. What you need to do then, is just copy those actions into your life and be amazed, how easy it is, when you have the right guidance.

BUT, enough of my babble.  

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