6-Step System For Effectively Solving Every Problem You Can Imagine

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What if I told you there is a precise way to solve every problem you’re just struggling with?

I think you´d like this, right?

The exact step by step system you use every time you deal with a problem…

If you are interested in something like that, just keep reading. And there will be no more intimidation and giving up in your life ever again.

So, if you are one of those “this can´t be true” people, you are probably telling yourself every problem is:

  • different,
  • it is treated differently,
  • we approach it differently.

So there can´t be 1 system to solve them all, right?

Of course, each problem is different and we approach it differently. The difference is that most of our solutions (without preconceived steps) require a little bit much of something that Jim Rohn called the most valuable asset – TIME.

Let´s say, your car broke 🚗 (problem) and you don´t know how to proceed to fix it 🔧. On the other hand, your neighbor is a car mechanic and has the same problem.

Who will solve this problem earlier?

Of course, you, because you would quickly call your mechanic neighbor to help you repair your car 😊

But now, seriously, in this article, I want to show you 6 steps that will help you solve any problem that will ever affect you.

So let’s go straight to it.


I think most of you already read the book: Think and grow rich by Napoleon Hill.

Those who have not, please, do it right away. It’s one of the most respected and influential books ever.

It is no coincidence that in this book, as in this article, the first chapter is all devoted to the faith (or belief if you wish).

If you aren´t convicted you can solve the problem before you try to do it,
the problem will never be successfully solved.

The only way to fail to solve the problem is when you don´t believe you can do it. If this is your case, check this article, where you’ll find 7 reasons why you should (NEED) finally start believing.


If you didn´t manage this first step and didn´t start believing, DO NOT CONTINUE to read.

It’s because I don´t want to make your first reaction at any other step  I am going to present you as the next statement:


So, only when you’re 100% convinced there is no problem you can´t solve, proceed to step 2.


Pretty logical, right? How can you solve the problem if you don´t know what the problem is?

I will try to explain it through this example:

Let’s say every morning the crane have to get you up from your bed.  Every morning you’re unbelievably tired. You can´t even imagine a day you drink less than 5 coffees. Does that sound like a problem to you?



In my opinion, it does. What will be your first thing to do?

  • many people will simply stop carrying about it and choose to ignore the problem, instead of solving it.

But, I know it´s not your case. Because, if you wouldn´t want to solve any of your problems, you wouldn´t be here reading this (great :-)) post, right?

So, what you should do is: FINDING THE WHY.

Why do you feel like that? What are you doing wrong?

When you are honest, you will find that you have a problem with sleep, diet, motivation, etc.

As you suddenly know what your problem is,
only then you can solve it. 

Then, you are able to continue to Step 3…

3. Find The Ideal

Since you already know what your problem is, you will start looking for solutions. Let’s take the example of sleep that causes you, lack of energy, irritability, fatigue, etc.

Think about someone who doesn´t have this problem.
Someone who is the opposite of everything I named above.

There are more ways to find them. They can be:

  • Your friends,
  • Friends of your friends (and their friends),
  • Experts from around the world, and many more ways.

At this point, you have to do a little research on the “Ideal man or women”.

So in practice, it would look like this:

What does my friend Dave does so he always has an enormous amount of energy,
even without caffeine and taking a nap in the afternoon?

You will find that Dave for example:

  • Goes to sleep at the same hour and wakes up the same hour,
  • He does not take any screens (mobile or laptop) into the bedroom,
  • Before she goes to sleep, he tries to not eat at all,
  • And many more…

When by a chance, you also have a sleep problem I highly recommend you to check out this book – Sleep Smarter.

When you finish your research, just put in on a paper and ——>

4. Compare

You know what you do, you know what Dave do (simply, everyone knows everything :-)).

The next step will be to compare yourself and Dave.

Let’s say, Dave do 10 things that make him master of sleep 🙂 

You take his letter and your letter. Compare what you do as Dave and what you don´t. You will find out that of the 10 things Dave need for great sleep and inexhaustible energy every day, you do only 2.


Now you know what 8 things you need to improve over the next (week, month, year?).

As soon as you make a plan of attack (this week I add to my sleeping routines number 3 and 4 from Dave´s list),
you can move on to another, very important and necessary point.

5. Take Action

After you have made the exact plan of all things, you want to improve the next week, you will start working on them. But you know very well how it usually happens…

Well, I know how it happened, when I wanted to start acting toward my dreams…

When you want to get up an hour earlier to go for a run before you go to work.  In the vast majority of cases, it will end up by simply snooze the alarm button, and set new alarm one hour later.

Then, for a few moments, you feel bad about yourself, but later you will find the excuse why it simply wasn´t possible today.

With this kind of attitude, even the smallest problem in the world that bothers you,
will never be fixed.

So, how to avoid it? The best way to avoid making excuses is simply: Make It Public.

Let me explain:

Just yesterday, when I made the schedule of my day, I said I was going to run. But when I came to the moment I was about to dress and go, I started looking for excuses.

Do you know why I finally went to go? Or better said, what forced me to go?

It´s because I knew this moment (of finding all kinds of excuses) would come. The moment when I wanted to find a comfortable, lazy way out when I wanted to convince myself, why it wasn´t possible today.

That’s why, the day before, I said to my parents, my intention to go for a run in the morning.

By telling someone, I knew, if I changed my mind, I would look like a weak person, and I didn´t want to “sell” my parents the same excuse I started to “sell” myself…

From your own (or at least my own) experience,
you already know that it’s much easier to fool yourself than people who know you well.

So, my tip for you is simple: Before you begin to fulfill the individual points of your plan, share it with someone, you know.

For example:

  • I will not take the phone to bed with me tomorrow evening.
  • Tomorrow morning, I’ll wake up 30 minutes sooner than usual, and I´ll work out.

These public statements will help you once and for all beat laziness and these endless excuses you deceive yourself.

And we slowly get to the last point that is …

6. Long Haul Approach

Lastly, I would like to say… it’s easy to get started, but it’s 100x easier to give up. 

Denzel Washington, in one of his motivational speeches after taking one of many awards, said: “Without commitment, you will never start, but without consistency, you will never finish.”

What this long haul approach means is that we should not give up on the first, second or even tenth stumble. Solving a serious problem is a marathon, not a sprint.

It is not important how fast we go, what is important is our direction.
So when the first stumbling occurs,
don´t rush and throw into the trash all your research, planning, and realization.

Imagine this for example…

Of the 20 things you would do if you were the ideal (without the problem you want to solve), you did 5. But thanks to this system you jumped from number 5 to number 15.

The following 5 things are very difficult and for a few days, you have not been able to accomplish them.

Is this the reason for throwing away your entire work and getting back from number 15 to number 5? – DEFINITELY NOT.

If you are heading in the right direction, don´t worry about a few stumbles. Always, try to get back to your ideal path ASAP, until the problem that has troubled you for years and aggravated your everyday life will not go away once and for all.

Conclusion (A picture is worth 1 000 words, right?):

And then what? You will find a different problem and repeat all 6 steps again.

Please comment below, what problem be the first you solve with this system? 

But, before you leave, check out also this: How To Make The Right Decision In Every Situation, so you won´t have so many problems to fix in the first place!

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