5 Ways How To Become More Disciplined In Life

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Have you ever struggled to be more disciplined?

You want to develop a new habit, you´re pumped up, you try it once, twice, but then suddenly, out of nowhere, your new habit disappears.

Self-discipline is about taking action in spite of how you feel. Living a life by design, not by default. But most importantly, it´s acting in accordance with your thoughts – not your feelings.

Everyone knows, that becoming more disciplined is crucial for finding success in life. But, fewer people know, it´s also crucial for finding happiness in life.

Study shows, that people with a lot of self-discipline are happier.

That´s the reason why in this article I am going to share with you 5 ways to become more disciplined in life.

1. Focus On Your Identity

Your identity is your view of yourself. It´s your perception, of who you are.

If you´re athlete, you say people…“Hi, I am (your name) and I am an athlete.“.  If you´re a chef, you say to people… „Hi, I am (your name) and I am a chef in this restaurant“.

In book Atomic Habits, there´s a great story that demonstrates this:

Imagine 2 people trying to resisting the cigarette.

quit smoking

When the first one is offered a cigarette, he said: „No thanks, I am trying to quit.“

When the second person gets the same offer, he replied: „No thanks, I am not a smoker.“

The difference lies in their identities and beliefs. The first person still believes that he is a smoker, who is trying to be something else.

Although the second person changed his identity. He is no longer a smoker who is trying to quit. He is not a smoker.

Psychologists say, that one of the greatest urges all humans have is to be consistent with your previous decisions.

That´s why it´s extremely important to change your identity. When you do that first, your mind and body are going to act in accordance with your new belief.

Tony Robbins in his bestselling book Awaken The Giant Within wrote this:

So, it doesn´t matter what you´re trying to change in your life. Change your identity first and then you´ll act in accordance with that.

2. Show Up Every Day

Have you ever heard saying? Rome wasn’t built in one day!

It´s 100% true when it comes to developing habits, learning how to overcome fear and also how to be more disciplined.

Think of your discipline (and willpower) as a muscle. And what you need to do, to build muscle?

You need to exercise! The same is true for gaining discipline. You need to exercise it.

Let´s say, you should go for a run tomorrow morning, but, when the time comes and you are supposed to wake up, dress up and start to run you start to think about pushing the snooze button and go back to sleep.

But, tomorrow, is gonna be different. You wake up anyway. Day after tomorrow, you do the same. And every day, by every (small) action you build your discipline.

After a few months, you won´t need to use so much willpower for these tasks. You develop a habit of taking action and you use your willpower and discipline in different task.

If you want this process of developing the discipline to be successful, you need to do it on a daily basis (at least in the beginning).

Strengthen your discipline and do it consistently. (I like to take cold showers. No one loves it at the beginning, but when you do it anyway, your discipline improves dramatically).

3. Reward Yourself

Rewards. Something, that every one of us loves. I am sure you are glad when your boss rewards you for your work. Or when your partner says you, you´re the best partner in the world.

Our brain is addicted to results. It always needs to see the „finished line“.

The same is true when you´re trying to develop discipline. Your brain is going to help you to do anything you want in life as far as it sees you can do that.

But, when you are for example starting a company, and your goal is to make 1 million $, it´s too far. Your brain couldn´t clearly see it and believe it.

That´s why it´s important to trick your brain. You do that by accomplishing smaller tasks and then rewarding yourself (weekly, daily).

In our 1 Million dollar company example, you could reward yourself, when you did all you were supposed to last week. If you move a little closer to your goal.

If you love to go to see a movie, then go to see a movie. If you want to go out with friends, go out with friends. Every time you do the work you suppose to, reward yourself. You show your brain, that your final goal can be accomplished.

Do the same when you´re gaining discipline. After you exercise it (in the shower, by going for a fun, etc.) reward yourself.

Do what you like as a reward and you´ll have much more motivation during the process of becoming more disciplined in life.

4. Block Time And Focus

What happens all the time, is that people blame their lack of discipline when they procrastinate. Sometimes, it´s true. But, many times is because they don´t know how to plan.

For example, if I don´t have my day planned, I do random stuff, my work is not productive at all and I am so disappointed and angry with myself.

So, to avoid all of that do this: Block time and focus only on one thing at the time.

Block time for your work, for your family, for exercising and even for searching the internet.

By doing that, you won´t let your life to randomness, you´ll gain so much discipline (when you do what you planned) and you´ll get some tangible results.

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5. Forgive Yourself, Learn And Move On

Although technology is quite impressive these days, I suppose you´re not a robot (yet).

You´re a human. That means you´re making mistakes.

And that´s perfectly okay. It will 100% happen. Sometimes, even when you follow all the steps above, you won´t be as disciplined as you want to be.

The key is to not torture yourself all day and thinking of the mistake you just made. The key is to figure out why you made a mistake, learn from it and move on.

You know, I struggled with this for a really long time. I couldn´t let go of things. I was so linked to my past.

For example a few weeks ago, I was making a schedule for my upcoming day. After my usual morning routine, I scheduled to go for a run.

But, when the day came, I wasn´t disciplined about it, I procrastinated and I didn´t go at all. I found myself an excuse.

A good thing about it is that I noticed it was just an excuse, so I didn´t pretend I had a real reason. I was aware that I failed. I didn´t lie to myself. But, wrong was that I spent a whole day thinking about this mistake.

I tortured myself and I wasn´t focused on other things I was supposed to do that day.

So, don´t hold on to the past, be aware you made a mistake, learn from it and move on.

To learn how to do it successfully, take a look at this article: How To Let Go: 8 Ways To Stop Holding On To The Past.


If I make a bet with you, to name me a one ultra successful person who isn´t disciplined, I believe I wouldn´t be worried about my money at all. Successful people are disciplined.

To develop a habit of discipline, you need to start with changing your identity. It´s absolutely crucial, whether you want to stop smoking, lose weight or start waking up an hour sooner than you´re used to.

Then, you need to exercise it, every day. When you don´t exercise your muscle, they´re getting smaller. The same happens with your discipline.

If you do it successfully, do what you like, reward yourself and don´t focus on mistakes. Move on and focus on what´s important in your life.

What do you say, can you name 1 ultra successful person who isn´t disciplinedLeave a comment below!

And lastly, don´t forget to download your Free 4-day Transformational Training below.

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