4 Secret Tips To Boost Your Confidence

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Have you ever told yourself something like this?

If you do, I am almost 100% sure you have a problem with CONFIDENCE.

In today´s society, I see 2 types of people…

  •     The one with WAY MORE confidence that is “healthy”.
  •     The one with almost NO confidence.

I remember like I saw a thousand and thousands of people, who lack their confidence cause they fail.

Once I remember, I saw a young footballer, who was playing for a small city. This guy was awesome. He was one of the best in my country. One day they played against the biggest club in Slovakia. So I was watching this guy, and he played really bad.

The reason? – His CONFIDENCE.

Guys playing against him outperformed him only because they played for a big club and they´re much more confident than him. Even though, he was a much better player than all of them combined.

That´s the reason today I am going to share 4 secret tips on how to become confident, courageous and never fail because of your fears again.

1. New Confidence Approach

First, you need to understand what´s confidence. Many people think that people who are confident know everything and aren´t afraid at all.

This couldn´t be further from the truth…

Brendon Burchard once said about confident people:

Confident people are much more like Clark Kent and much less like SUPERMAN.

A confident person is the one, who admits he doesn´t know everything. Who asks for help, who says: Hmm, I don´t know, what you think about it?

The best leaders in the world use this concept greatly. I guarantee you, there is no human on the planet Earth who isn´t afraid of something.

Best public speakers in the world, a seconds before they enter the stages, guess what?


Best sports athletes, a seconds before the big match starts, guess what?


And it´s perfectly okay.

The confidence comes from a place of vulnerability, not from a place of greatness.

If you wouldn´t fear anything, for what would you need confidence?

So, belief in your ability to figure things out, you don´t have to know everything from the beginning, but when you know you somehow figure it out, this makes you a much more CONFIDENT PERSON.

2. Surround Yourself With Great People

This point is tremendously important.

It isn´t impossible, but it´s very hard to be confident when people you spend most your time with always undermining your confidence.

Why are you trying this?

  • You can´t do it…
  • You didn´t go to college…
  • You are gonna fail…

And so on, and so on…

People says this things to you simply because other people are afraid of the great person you could become.

Why? Simply, because success holds a mirror up to their failures.

So, this is really simple – surround yourself with people who encourage you, motivate you, not those who undermine your authority…and you are gonna save a big amount of time questioning your competency, only because of your „friends“ opinion.

Check out here how to choose the right people you should surround yourself with.


This point is pretty scary from the beginning, but when you make a habit from it, you are destined to succeed.

This is where the REAL CONFIDENCE is.

Do things you fear the most!

Are you afraid to speak in front of the public?

  • Go out and start speaking in front of people.

Are you afraid to start a business?

  • Start a business.

Are you afraid to ask someone out?

  • Go out and ask someone out.

The point is…

People are afraid only those things they truly want! You aren´t afraid to take out the trash, right? As a Will Smith once said: “On the other side of fear is greatness.”

So the best advice I can get you to become more courageous and confident…

But, to do that successfully, is important to understand tip #4.

And that´s…


So, you are going to finally find the courage and start doing the thing you fear the most.

Let´s take public speaking for example.

Do you think, you´ll overcome your fear when you right from the beginning goes in front of 10 000 people and start to speak?

I don´t think so…

That´s why is crucial to start small. Start by speaking in front of 5 people. When you do it successfully? Great, the next step is to ACKNOWLEDGE IT.

Many people don´t admit, they accomplish something when it isn´t their big final goal (in our example speaking in front of 10 000 people).

And that´s a big mistake. YOU WON!!!!

Why not admit it and celebrate it? By admitting it you are gaining your confidence and your brain thinks…

Well, I won, I did it, why not to go out and speak in front of 20 people now?

And by doing it step-by-step, you are slowly gaining COMPETENCE. Competence comes from overcoming your fear, learning something new and gaining a new experience. And from competence, there is only a little step to confidence.

So, the final advice is to START SMALL and ACKNOWLEDGE YOUR SMALL WINS, which gives you a sense of pride and a big amount of CONFIDENCE.


  1. Confidence doesn´t come from greatness but from vulnerability.
  2. Surround yourself with the right people and you waste so much time gaining your confidence.
  3. Do what you fear the most.
  4. Do it step-by-step and be aware of your progress.

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