4 Necessary Skills For Success And Happiness

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If I´ll ask you today, what are your goals in life, I bet you say one of those 2 things:

I want to be SUCCESSFUL, or I want to be HAPPY.

Everybody wants to know what to do to become successful and happy…

In this article, you´re about to find out 4 Abilities responsible for the direction of your life. There´re the same abilities that differentiate us from the animals.

A few months back, I finished the book called First Things First, from the Bestseller Author Steven Covey. You may know him for his most famous book: The 7 Habits Of Highly Effective People. Which, by the way, I highly recommend you to read it.

But, back to the topic of First things First. This book I chose when I was traveling to Norway.

There are 2 main reasons, I picked this book:

  •  It was on a huge discount (Thankfully).
  •  Because I couldn´t manage together my school, work, girlfriend, sport and everything else I was doing. I simply felt Overwhelmed!

When I started to read this book, I found exactly what I expected. The technique for organizing and planning my short-term as well as long-term goals.

The exact step-by-step guide to planning your next 20 years, but also your next day, for you to be the most:

But, as it usually goes in life, I (thankfully) found one chapter, that impressed me much more, than planning chapters (the ones why I bought this book in the first place).

It was a chapter about the 4 most important abilities of people. So important, that if you lack in all others, and you would master just these 4, your life would be GREAT.

Every person on this Earth has a certain goal. Something Mr. Covey named as your North.

It´s basically a direction you want for your life.

For example:
My goal would be to become the heaviest man on Earth. But, when I want to accomplish this, I can´t exercise every day and eat healthy every day. Because that´s just the opposite direction.

I picked a little weird goal, but I want to really see the point I am trying to make here.

When you aim to the North, it´s these exact 4 abilities I am going to share with you in this article, that create sort of a compass, that tells you, where is your North, where to go and what should you do for it.

So, I will stop wasting your (and mine) time, and let´s jump right into the First ability.
Without which, you simply never move from the place where you are right now, to the place where you want to be.

And that´s…


Self-awareness is our ability to step aside and explore our own thoughts, motives, history, plans, actions, and habits. Thanks to self-awareness we can put down our „pink glasses“ and look at yourself not just through them, but without them.

The first time I began to explore the concept of self-awareness when I walked through Tai Lopez’s 67 STEPS course. It’s 67 things he learned from his top mentors (billionaires, athletes, …). Every day for 67 days, Tai uncovered one of his secret principles and lessons.

And today I can honestly say that it was one of my cheapest but the best investments in life. The things and principles that Tai talked about, I didn´t find absolutely anywhere else. When you’re curious about what I’m saying, go here to find out more information.

If you aren´t, just keep reading.:-)

You might think that the first guiding principle of happiness and success will be:

  • Work hard,
  • learn how to influence people,
  • never give up, and more …

Well, as you probably suspect right now, it is AWARENESS. More specifically, Self-Awareness.

When you think about it, it makes perfect sense…

Until you know who you are and what you truly want you simply don´t (can´t) know where you would like to go.

It´s the same situation as following:

When you are sitting in a car, you are at a crossroad, and you don’t know if you have to go right, left or forward. WHERE WOULD YOU GO? – You will simply stay at this crossroad and not move at all.

So please don´t stand still, follow your goals, because if you don´t fulfill your goals, you will work to meet someone else’s goals 🙁 But to bring happiness to your life, one requirement must be fulfilled, and that is…


When you finish the process described above, you can expect only 2 outcomes:

  •     Every day, You are a little closer to your Dream. – You do exactly what you need to do to get everything you want.

For example – I want to become an English teacher, so every day I learn English (vocabulary, grammar,…).

  •     You want one thing, but you´re doing something completely different.

For example – I want to be a healthy person who has a healthy diet, is exercising enough and has the optimal weight. But in the last half year, I’ve been eating something healthy maybe 10 times, and I’ve been exercising maximally in front of the TV with the driver in my hand.

By which option, do you think, you will experience happiness? Which of these options will make you more popular and successful?

You will be really happy and full of life when you will every day do something, what gets you a little step closer to your big goal.

Now, let´s dive right into Second ability, and that´s…


The second irreplaceable ability to find your “North” is Conscience. It’s our internal navigation system, which allows us to notice when we act in conflict with our principles or even think about acting like that.

You will surely recognize the feeling when you needed to choose between two (good and bad) options. Let’s say you´re about to choose that “bad” option your inner voice shout to you, – No! Don´t Do It!

But, you did it anyway. Maybe I’m wrong, but in most cases, this procedure ends with a sentence: Ah, I wish I choose better…

When you decide to listen to your conscience, you always make the right decisions, and your decision will always be consistent with your North.

Use the techniques described below and your consciousness will continue to grow and improve as well as your strong muscles 💪when you strengthen them 💪:

  •     A study of self-development literature or learning from people who have a lot more experience in the field than you have.
  •     Look with some time gap to your own mistakes, your own experience and always learn from it.
  •     Take a moment and hear your inner (conscious) voice.
  •     And the most important, react to this voice.

It’s the same situation as you would want to become a great singer.

You can listen to all the songs you like, but that will not make you a great singer.

But listen to them, and start practicing (REACT) make you a much better every day (well, of course, when you are not as “good” singer as I am 😊).

If you do not respond to your inner voice, you are building a wall around it that weaker your perception and responsiveness.

AS and C.S. Lewis wrote… “When we do not listen to our conscience, we are blinding it.”

So, be self-aware, listen and react to your inner voice, and the 3rd part of this equation is…


It´s our ability to act. It gives us the strength to choose our actions, change our plans, act in accordance with our principles.

Thanks to free-will we aren´t just the product of our past, we are the result of our choices.

Someone famous once said (or maybe I just saw it in some movie):

“Everything you have right now is just the result of your actions or inactions.”

One of the best ways to strengthen our will is to accept and adhere to our commitments. Think about it this way:

  • Every time you adhere to your commitment, you made a deposit on your integrity account.
  • Every time you fail to adhere to your commitment, you take away something from your integrity account.

And, let me ask you…

What would happen, if you would always ONLY TAKE from your bank account?

Yeah, you´ll be broke.

The same thing happens with your integrity account…

When you aren’t standing behind your words, your integrity and will become broke. And no-one would take you seriously. Not even you.

That´s why it´s important to START SMALL. Start with commitments, you know it´s possible to deliver.

For example:

If you want to get up sooner tomorrow, and usually you get up from your bed around 7 a.m., don´t commit to getting up at 4:30.

Why? Because firstly, there is a huge possibility that you will not deliver your promise, and secondly, even if you wake up at 4:30 right ahead, I guarantee you, it´s not going to last.

So, instead, put your alarm 15 minutes sooner, then 30, then 40 and next time you notice,
after a few weeks, you´ll wake up at 4:30 every day, and the most important part – you will like it.

Find out in this Free Ebook what is a great time to wake up, and what to do in the first hour of your day for immediately boosting your productivity and happiness.

That leaves us with the last ability and that´s the…


Imagination is the ability to imagine your future, create something in your mind and solve problems. It gives you the power to see yourself and everybody else in a different, a better light.

In life, everything that happens, happens 2 times.

  • In your mind. Everything started as a thought.
  • As an action. The process where we change thought to reality.

That´s why imagination is crucial, for everything you do in life.

When you have the first thought, it´s your imagination, that helps you create the best version of your dream and a plan to achieve it.

The best possible way to develop your imagination is by visualization. All the best athletes, CEO´s and artists use this technique all the time.

But, don´t think the exercise below, is just for improving concert or sports performance. It can be used also for improving the quality of your life.

Here´s how you can practice your imagination…

And after a few visualization exercises, I guarantee you, your reactions will be much different.

The best way to predict a future, is to create it.


What were the 4 Most Important Abilities in order to live a good life?

  • Self-awareness
  • Conscience
  • Will
  • Imagination


…keep in mind, that it isn´t enough to be self-aware – to realize that what life gives you, isn´t in accordance with our deep inner conviction, when we are lack of imagination, to think something better, and a will that allow us to create the change.

The imagination without a will can create idealistic dreamer and imagination without conscious can simply create a dictator.

So, don´t forget, that you need to learn how to use all 4 abilities to find your desired outcome (the north). And to really master all those skills, get the First Things First book here.

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If this information were helpful, please comment below, what are your takeaways and which of the 4 abilities you need to work on the most?

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