3 Signs You Will Become A Great Leader One Day

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Warren Buffet once said:

The best skill you may develop for your life is to persuade and lead people.

When you know how to lead and persuade people, your opinion is always heard. You are respected by everyone in your surroundings. New opportunities are unlocking in front of you.

To be a great leader, you don´t have to own a company or be in charge. You can be an employee, and still be a leader.

Other employees will take your advice, you will become someone valued by your colleagues, supervisors and even your boss.

That´s why the ability to lead and persuade people is extremely important, but yet so rare.

Today, you´re about to learn 3 signs that show you whether you will become a great leader one day and what 3 skills you need to master to become one.

 What Is An Example Of Great Leader?

On the 15th January 2009, US Airways flight 1549 lost power to both engines shortly after take-off from LaGuardia Airport after striking a large flock of Geese.

The captain, Chesley Sullenberger, realizing they would not make it back to an airport, landed the plane on the Hudson River and saved the lives of the 155 passengers and crew.

He remained calm at all times, despite describing it as ‘the worst sickening, pit-of-your-stomach, falling-through-the-floor feeling’ he had ever experienced and was the last to leave the plane after ensuring no-one was left aboard.

This is a great example of true LEADERSHIP. But, don´ t worry. You don´t have to become a pilot to be a great leader.

You just need to master 3 things I am gonna share with you today.


Great leaders don´t make excuses, they own the problems. Excuses are the biggest killer of your dreams and goals.

There are 2 reasons why excuses kill your dream, your reputation and your productivity:

  • The moment you start to look for reasons why this failure isn´t your fault, you immediately stop fixing the problem.

You simply stop care about solutions and aim your focus on a problem. This takes you the most important resource you need when you are dealing with any problem – TIME.

Let´s say, even when you blame someone else, you somehow, fixed the problem. But this isn´t over.

  • By not admitting your fault, you didn´t give yourself a chance to learn from this mistake. This means, you didn´t pay attention to what you did wrong, you paid attention to find the culprit.

What´s The Price For This Attitude?

Next time you will need to fix this problem, you will not be prepared.

Why should you? It was all fault of your colleague, your wife, husband, your employee, or even a stranger who passed around you this morning.

If you are struggling with this, try to ask yourself: Which kind of person do I admire more?

  • The one who admits the fault and work on its solution?
  • Or the one who never admit the fault and always try to find a reason, why someone else screws this up?

The Best Example Of Non-Excuse Leaders

The best example for this are Military leaders.

What do you think military leader think about when they are in combat? Do you think they want to find who did a mistake, or they try to find a way out from the battlefield?

If military leaders think like the majority of people, they would die the second, something goes wrong.

Combat is the ultimate teacher.”  – Leif Babin (co-author of #1 Bestseller –  Extreme Ownership – which shows you proven principles on how to lead people in life).

Keep in mind, when these principles work in combat, they will definitely work in your everyday life.

So, the first thing you need to do when you want to become a great leader is to learn how to stop making excuses.

2. EGO

The second biggest enemy of not just leaders but all people who want to become successful is their EGO.

I bet you, as well as me, know a person, who is „always right“. You can tell this person literally anything, but nothing will be the truth until it isn´t also his opinion.

How long would you think, this kind of leader would sustain in his current position?

My guess is… not for long.

Leif Babin, former Navy Seal leader, who now works with business owners said:

“More than 90% of businesses fail, because of their leader’s ego.”

If you want to be a leader, you need to start listening. You need to stop being egoistic, which do nothing except jeopardizing your business, job or friendships.

If you´re not sure, whether you have an ego problem, or not, try to ask yourself this:

  • Would I want to be working for a person like me?
  • Would I admire and follow this kind of boss?

If your answer is NOT – you need to change something. And most probably it will be to start listening, cooperating and forget your ego.

Believe me, until this day, there is no 1 single person, who is always right. Sorry for this, but – not even you. 

So, listen others, learn from others and take advice from others. Don´t try to do everything all by yourself. Even you make mistakes.


Even when you are not making an excuse, even when you let your ego in your closet, there is one more thing you need to master.

As a leader, prepare that you will be the one, who always makes the final decision.

That´s why decisiveness is one of the crucial abilities of a great leader.

There are 2 things that are expected from a great leaders:

  • Ability to make a fast decision,
  • Ability to make the right decision.

How To Make Fast Decisions?

Let´s say you are a leader of a social group, of a company or just a circle of friends.

What kind of decisions does everyone expect from you?

Everyone wants a leader, who is able to decide right and FAST.

I am sure, you already were in a restaurant with someone, who was deciding what to eat for a literally whole eternity.

I don´t know, how you feel about it, but I hated this indecisiveness. It made me furious that someone can spend 15 minutes for so trivial decision.

Let´s make military leaders as an example once again.

What do you think, how much time they have for making a decision on a battlefield? Hours? Minutes?

The truth is, often it´s just a seconds.

So, you shouldn´t be indecisive, but even more important is to make the right decisions.

How To Make The Right Decisions?

What kind of people wants a leader who is always wrong?

No One.

Always try to get as much information as you can, before you decide. And when you feel you have that information, evaluate them and decide the best you can.

As a good leader, you need to be able to make a QUICK but also RIGHT decision.

Keep in mind that, making a quick decision without necessary information isn´t leadership, it´s stupidity.

Finding a balance between these 2 is something that makes the greatest leaders in the world.

To learn one technique that helps you to make the right decision in every situation of your life, read this article.

To summarize the third skill of a great leader: People expect from leaders decisions that are quick and right!

Successful people make their decisions quickly and change their minds slowly. Failures make their decisions slowly and change their minds quickly.  – Andy Andrews


If you want to be respected by your friends, colleagues or your employees. If you want people to follow you or simply listen to your opinion, keep in mind to:

  • Don´t make an excuse but always try to deal with a problem.
  • Let your ego aside, listen and cooperate.
  • Make quick and reasonable decisions (with enough information).

To really master leadership, I highly recommend you to read Extreme Ownership, where the best combat leaders in the world teach you the principles that work on the battlefield and every day´s life.

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