3 Bad Habits You Need To Quit Right Now

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The same way good habits help you to create a life you want, bad habits can easily make your life miserable. Good or bad habits are usually what determines a healthy and happy person from a person who struggles with things like depression or anxiety.

Whether you develop good or bad habits determine if you are, or you´re not gonna reach your goals and live a life you always wanted.

In this article you´re not gonna find out:

  • What are 3 absolutely worst habits you need to quit right now,
  • 3 Reasons why you have these bad habits,
  • How to break these bad habits,
  • And how to replace them with new, better habits.

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Why Habits Are Extremely Important

More than 80% of everything you do through the day happens unconsciously. It means you don´t decide to do something at the moment. You just do it, because you are used to it. That´s called a habit. And thank God, for that.

According to recent studies, people make approximately 35 000 decisions a day. Can you imagine how much energy you need for every single decision if more than 80% wouldn´t be automated? Probably a lot, but can you imagine how many more mistakes would you do because of it?

If you develop good habits like working out or reading, you will be probably healthier and smarter than people who develop bad habits like eating junk food and binge-watching TV for 6 hours a day.

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.” – Aristotle

3 Worst Habits That Ruins Your Life

1. Excuses

I am sure you know the person who has a bunch of excuses every time something happens. Something like:

  • It´s not my fault,
  • Someone else screws this up,
  • My boss is horrible.

My question is: Do you like this person?

If you´re like a majority of people, or this person isn´t someone from your family, the chances are, you don´t particularly like this person a lot. The biggest problem of a person who likes excuses isn´t that someone stops like him. It´s his mindset. Here´s what excuses mean:

If you always have excuses and blame others, you give away your power to decide what´s going on with your life. You´re not in charge anymore. Your life isn´t happening for you, by your own design, but it´s happening to you, by anyone else´s design. Which is wrong.

3 Reasons Why You Are Making Excuses In Life

a.) It´s easier. 

What´s harder? Working hard on something day and night, doing everything you can to avoid failure, or just to come up with a few excuses  why did you fail and look nice?

Well, it depends on what kind of person you ask. A successful person, who loves what he does, would definitely choose differently, then a person who plays a victim all the time. The truth is, people, make excuses because it´s much easier.

They don´t want to work for years, pursuing a dream who might never come true. They rather make an excuse.

But, an easy way is usually the wrong way. Everything really valuable comes the hard way, not the easy way. Especially when it comes to excuses, don´t choose to go an easier way, choose the right way.

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How To Fix That?

Admit your fault, learn and move on – when you cast blame on others for something you did, you might get with it once. But, when you don´t admit it´s your fault, you don´t learn and eventually, you do this mistake again and again.

This might cause you a lot of time and money. So, rather admit you made a mistake, learn from it and then never repeat this mistake again.

People who do that are much more appreciated, respected and they usually become role models for others.

b.) It´s safer.

When your old friend after 20 years asks you what happened that you gain so much weight you won´t tell him that you were eating junk food 2 times a day and you can´t even remember when was the last time you´ve been working out. It´s humiliating for you. You want to and no one wants to look week.

You rather come up with a perfect excuse that “helps” you to save face. Something like:

  • I had surgery,
  • I have health problems,
  • I´ve spent so much time at work,
  • I don´t have time.

You know it´s an excuse, your friend in 99% of cases know it´s an excuse, but since he doesn´t want to be rude, he back you up.

The worst part of this is that you´re not honest with yourself. You try to convince yourself that you´re a victim. And, we already covered, why playing a victim is the worst thing you could possibly do.

That´s one of the reasons I love the 67 Steps program. In the first lesson, I understood, why being honest with yourself is an absolute key to becoming successful in life. If you want to discover that, as long as other hundreds of principles of the most successful people, check it out here.

How To Fix That?

Making up excuses because you want to save face is a short term strategy. You can do it a few times, but after all, everyone realizes that´s just excuses. The worst part is that you try to fool yourself. You try to convince yourself of something, you know, it´s not true. Which can have horrible consequences on your confidence, beliefs, and happiness.

Be honest with yourself. That´s the single best strategy for improving your life. With every decision you need to make, deep down you know what to do. You know what´s right.

The same is when you make a mistake. You know, what you should do, but you didn´t. And only a person who is honest with him/herself can learn from mistakes and move forward in life.

To help you with that, check out the first lesson of 67 Steps program for free and learn Why and How becoming honest with yourself is the most important thing you need to do.

c.) It´s common. 

Recent studies showed, that the behavior of people you hang out the most with has the biggest influence on your behavior.

When you are non-smoker, but you hang out all the time with smokers, you have a higher probability to start smoking. The same is the other way. When you are a smoker and you hang out with non-smokers, your odds of getting rid of this bad habit are much higher.

Unfortunately, in today´s society making excuses is common. Every time you are on a bus, you go for a walk or you just go to visit your family, you hear complaining and excuses.

The same way, you shouldn´t let yourself go with the flow when your friends try to seduce you to try alcohol when you are a teenager, you shouldn´t let yourself join a “victim club” and spend your free time playing a game… Who makes up a better excuse?

How To Fix That?

“If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got.” – Henry Ford

People do what their friends do. Your friends go for a drink, you go too even when you don´t want to. You don´t want to be kicked out of your group.

But, when you decide you want to become a professional sportsman, while your friends don´t, you can´t do everything they do. You have to go against the flow. You have to make decisions that are best for you, not anyone else.

So, go against the flow when it comes to making excuses. Don´t make excuses, don´t blame others, be a role model and when your friends see you don´t do this anymore, they stop making excuses as well.

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2. Procrastination 

You need to do something, something that´s really important, but, first, you choose to do a thousand of other, less important stuff. Stuff like checking the last episode of your favorite TV show, checking what´s new on Facebook or you decide, that´s the right moment for you to start cleaning your house.

After wasted hours, you finally get to do your job, but, when you see what time it is, you decide to leave it until tomorrow because you don´t have time today.

Sounds familiar? If it does, you too suffer by a bad habit of procrastination.

It doesn´t matter what your goal is, when you struggle with procrastination, you never get anything done, which leads to never reaching your goal. Procrastination makes you less:

  • productive,
  • focused,
  • motivated,
  • happy
  • and overall, less successful.

3 Reasons Why You Procrastinate In Life

a.) Fear.

Probably the biggest reason why people procrastinate. When I am afraid my next project is gonna fail, I try to avoid it as much as I can.

Being afraid is normal. Every one of us is afraid. Actually, fear can be very useful. If you walk in the Savanna and you see a lion, you will definitely be afraid, which helps you to get out of there as soon as you can.

The purpose of fear is to protect you and prevent you from suffering. But, being afraid your next project might fail, couldn´t be compared to a fear of being eaten by a lion. Many of our fears aren´t real.

Because your goals are new and they are challenging, your brain tries to warn you, you might fail and suffer. But, you can´t let yourself live inside your comfort zone because of that. Inside your comfort zone, there isn´t much happiness or success. To reach that, you have to step out of your comfort zone.

How To Fix That?

Action cures fear. – Grant Cardone

The only way you stop being afraid of anything is by doing it. When you´re afraid of swimming, you need to go to the water. Slowly, one step at the time you need to face your fears until you´re not afraid anymore.

When the fear of failure paralyzes you to sit down and do the work, when you start to procrastinating, remind yourself that the only way to stop being afraid is to do something. You take action, then you see a little result and after a while, you develop a habit of taking action, instead of procrastination. Plus, you destroy your initial fear at all.

To help you with that, check out also these articles:

B.) Not knowing your “why”.

Why do you want to pursue your goal? Why do you want to stop procrastinating?

When you don´t know how to answer these questions, you´re gonna procrastinate. Without a strong reason why you do what you do, you can´t force yourself to take action. You always gonna hesitate and finding a way out of your work.

And, as you know, these ways out don´t usually take a few seconds, or minutes. It takes hours. Sit down and write down all the reasons why you have to work on your goals.

For example, I have to work hard, stop procrastinate and make more money because I want to provide a better education for my kids.

See? With this kind of strong reason, every time you sit down and start to think about new funny videos you want to watch before you get to work, you´ll know, you can´t do this to your kids. You are doing it for them.

How To Fix That?

Sit down and think about why you want to reach your goal. Why you want to make more money, why you want to lose weight. Try to find what is your big non-selfish goal and then, put it on the paper.

Something like… I have to lose weight, otherwise, I maybe won´t see my children growing up. Or… I need to make more money, because what if in the future my parents need expensive surgery and I am not able to provide it?

Having these kinds of goals leaves you with no other option than sit down, do the work and not even thinking about procrastination.

The non-selfish goal is extremely important because research showed that people are willing to do more for others than for themselves. Of course, you can have a goal of buying a new car or going on a nice vacation, but those will not gonna motivate you as much as your big non-selfish goal.

Find a few minutes right now and think about your big reasons why you want to pursue your goals. Then, put it on paper, on your laptop or on your phone. Anywhere you can easily find it when you feel the urge to procrastinate.

c.) You have no strategy. 

Successful people rely on strategies. It´s not that they don´t tend to procrastinate. It´s just they have a strategy they follow that helps them to develop a habit of overcoming procrastination, instead of the habit of procrastination.

They don´t try to beat procrastination with willpower. They rather focus on building a good habit, that helps them to not even start procrastinating at all.

Don´t try to face procrastination only with your willpower. Willpower is definitely not reliable. You can win once or twice, but you can´t win over procrastination until you make it automatic.

How To Fix That?

The best way to start destroying a bad habit of procrastination and replacing it with a good habit of action is to set yourself a trigger. Something that starts the automatic reaction. It´s the key to develop any habit.

For example, when you sit down to your chair, you immediately start to work. No Youtube videos, no checking emails, nothing else. Once you see the trigger, you start to do what you’re supposed to.

A trigger is one of the 3 parts of destroying bad habits and developing any new habit you want. To understand the whole process of habit building, check out my article here: How To Develop A Habit: Complete Step-By-Step Guide

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3. Giving up

“Everybody comes to a point in their life when they want to quit. But it’s what you do at that moment that determines who you are.” -David Goggins

Yes, giving up is a habit. When you do it once, you give yourself permission to do it again, and again and… again. Once you develop a habit of quitting, you won´t get anything done. When the first sign of struggle appears, you just quit. You don´t want to work hard and figuring out the way out, you do the easiest possible thing – you quit.

But, is it truly as easy? Yes and now. It´s true, that after you quit, you don´t have to struggle with this. But, on the other side, a much bigger problem appears.

You became a quitter. Your confidence drops, you stop believing yourself, you´re gonna be much more afraid and eventually, you stop setting goals, you won´t even try to do anything that is challenging, because you are convinced, you give up anyway.

When you want to gain muscle, you need to push yourself to do harder and harder exercises every single workout. The same is your confidence. When you stop challenging yourself and make bold actions, but you rather give up every time, you start to stagnate and you won´t move forward in your life.

3 Reasons Why You Want To Give Up On Your Dreams

a.) It´s easy. 

You wake up at 5 a.m., you work your ass off, you come home, you spend a little time with your family, you work again, then you go to sleep. You repeat this cycle again and again and you don´t see the results. Of course, you feel like you work for nothing.

Isn´t it better easier to quit? Yes, it is. But, as you already know, an easier way isn´t usually the best way. Even when you feel like your work doesn´t matter, that you don´t make any significant improvement, it´s not always true.

Try to get an ice cube out of your freezer. Then, increase the temperature in your home. Increase it by 1 degree. Then by another, another and another degree. When, after 6 degrees you´ll eventually see that the ice cube starts to melt.

Have the last increasing in temperature made all difference? Or, it was all 6 little increasing?

The same as it was in this example, your every day, small improvements matter. And as it would be easier to give up when the ice cube didn´t start to meltdown after a few temperatures increasing, you shouldn´t give up on your goals either. Many times, it´s a few last steps that stand between you and success.

“The Temptation to give up is the greatest right before you are about to succeed”- Chinese Proverb

How To Fix That?

There are people who always choose the easy way and people who do things that are hard, who go out of the comfort zone.

Which group of people do you think become more successful? Which do you think to experience more happiness?

Yeah, the second one. When you always plan small and choose the easier way, you won´t grow. When you want to gain muscle you need to make every other training harder. Otherwise, you don´t get stronger and you won´t gain muscle.

The exact same is in life. When you always choose the easy way out when things get tough, how can you become successful in anything? When you´ll have your first argument in your marriage, do you fill-up the divorce papers immediately?

Don´t give up until you know you already got 100%. Deep down, you know, whether it´s true or it´s a lie. Don´t do what is easy. Let others do that, you rather choose the harder way of growing.

b.) It´s far away. 

Another problem that causes you to procrastinate and eventually, giving up is not seeing immediate results. It´s hard to keep yourself motivated and work hard for something that´s far away. If instead you do the work and you see the results would you want to quit? Of course not, why would you?

When you try to lose weight and you see how these kilograms go down, you see how your body changes, you don´t even consider quitting. On the other hand, when you work out, watch your diet and you still can´t lose weight, your obvious reaction would be to quit and stop torture yourself.

People are more likely to quit when they don´t see results. If you have a big goal, which is far away in the future, you are not so driven, motivated and convinced that you can achieve it when you don´t already see some results to back up this statement.

How To Fix That?

We already talked about the importance of having a big goal in your life. But, when your big, long-term goal is the only goal you have, you might consider quitting.

Your brain is designed in a way to keep you from the struggle. So when it sees that your goal is to start a business and become a billionaire, while you didn´t have any business at all yet, your brain starts to think… No way. You can´t do that.

And suddenly, when you work your ass off and you don´t see any tangible result, you start to question yourself.

  • I am not good enough,
  • I am not talented enough,
  • I am not skilled enough.

Eventually, you quit. To prevent that, you only need to divide your big goal into smaller goals. Once you hit the smallest goal possible, you convince yourself you can do that, then you hit a little bigger and bigger, you get momentum and instead of quitting, you start to think even bigger.

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c.) You are not prepared.

Warren Buffet was once asked what is the secret to a successful business relationship and successful life. He replied… “Lower your expectations.” It´s not meant to not expect anything from people and thinking how anyone you know wants to screw you up. That´s definitely isn´t good, it seems more like an illness.

What it means is that you should not expect life would be so easy on you. The truth is, it won´t. And sooner you realize that you´ll definitely face many struggles, you can prepare for them in advance, you´ll not be surprised when they come and you´ll definitely lower your chances of quitting.

How To Fix That? 

You don´t think of a divorce when you have a perfect marriage. The same is your goal when everything goes well you don´t think about quitting.

The problem is that many people set a goal, make a plan and then expect everything goes according to plan, which is wrong. You have to be prepared to struggle. You need to embrace the struggle. While others quit, you learn from it, you expect it´s gonna be hard and you know, you can do this.

When you get used to it, you´re not surprised, you understand this is the way how it works, how it is supposed to be and instead of quitting, you start to work even harder. So, get used to struggling. Embrace it, let it makes you stronger and better and you significantly lower your odds of quitting.

In preparing for battle I have always found that plans are useless, but planning is indispensable. – D. Eisenhower

How To Break Bad Habits

You can break bad habits only by replacing them with better ones. But, this article was about 3 bad habits you need to quit. It doesn´t explain to you the whole process of habit building.

To understand that, read this article of mine where I explain in detail how to break bad habits and how to develop a new habit:

Read Here: How To Develop A Habit: Complete Step-By-Step Guide


We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.” – Aristotle

The kind of habits you develop for yourself, the kind of life you´re going to live. Excuses, procrastination, and giving up are habits that drag you down. To grow and become better in life, you need to break these bad habits and develop new habits. Habits that make you better, smarter and more successful.

I hope this article was helpful for you and that I explain to you why these 3 habits are really bad, why you have them and mainly, how to get rid of them.

Please share with me below what are some other bad habits we all should quit right now?

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