10 Daily Habits Of The Most Successful People

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Have you ever wonder, why some people are successful in literally everything they touch, while others couldn´t reach success at all?

For a recent few years while I was studying successful people I started to notice a pattern. All successful people develop habits. And in this article, I would like to share with you 10 daily habits of the most successful people.

You´d hardly find a successful person, who hasn´t those habits. So, let´s begin…

1. They Are Goal-Oriented

“When you don´t know your destination, you´ll end up somewhere you didn´t want to.”

All successful people are goal-oriented. They understand that without a clear goal in life, it´s almost an impossible task to become successful in any area of life.

Without you having a clear goal in life, you can´t make progress. Without making progress, you won´t be truly happy. Because, as Tony Robbins says…


So, make a goal (I recommend smart goal) and try to move toward this goal every single day.

2. They Are Honest With Themselves

Ability to be honest with yourself is the #1 necessity you need to become successful and happy in life.

Every successful person out there, couldn´t be successful without this trait.

Let´s say, you´re going to start a business. You start to work really hard, but then you notice that it isn´t going according to your plan.

The, you have 2 options. First is to keep pushing with the same strategy, and convincing (lying to) yourself that everything is good.

Or you can admit you were wrong,  your strategy is bad, change it and get closer to your goal.

This is why all successful people are honest with themselves. If they are not, they probably wouldn´t be so successful at all.

In 67 Steps course that I took, the first lesson was about this principle in detail. It was a big surprise for me because I never think of it until this day. But, fortunately, this lesson helps me to improve every aspect of my life, almost immediately.

If you´re looking for a similar outcome, check out the 67 Steps here.

3. They Are Not Making Excuses

I am 100% sure, your parents ever told you to be responsible. To take responsibility.

When you look at successful people, they take that little bit to the extreme. They take responsibility for everything. Literally everything.

When their employee screws something up, they don´t blame him. They blame themselves.

In the past, I didn´t get it. But, then I realized, it´s a perfect approach to life.

Think about it. When you make an excuse, you´re not in charge of your life. When you blame your colleague who screws up the project, you´re in charge of, you´re letting him decide, how your life looks.

Don´t let other people control your life. You´re in charge, so stop making excuses and start owning the problem.

Now, when I think even think about not being in charge of my life or letting other people control me, I am so terrified so I am not even considering making an excuse.

For a deeper understanding, how the most successful leaders in the world deal with excuses, I recommend you to read The Extreme Ownership. A book from best combat leaders in the world, teaching proven strategies that military leaders use for leading other people.

4. They Are Self-disciplined

I don´t think you could name a really successful person who isn´t disciplined. As Jocko Willink (author of Extreme Ownership Says)discipline equals freedom.

Self-discipline is usually the one thing that differentiates mediocre results, from great results.

You know, it´s easy to work, when everything goes as you planned. When you´re in the mood for doing the work. But, as you know, it usually doesn´t work like that.

There are even more times in life when you´d rather do a thousand different things, that the one you’re supposed to.

That´s the time when you desperately need to be disciplined. Without discipline, nothing would be ever done.

Let´s take a look at a few examples:

  • Bill Gates didn´t take a 1 day off, for 30 years. Not a single day. Do you think he always has tremendous energy? No. But he was so disciplined, that he did the work. And, look at his results now.
  • Kobe Bryant – Every day wake up at 4 a.m. and work out in the gym for a few hours, while his teammates were still sleeping. Do you think he wouldn´t like to take a few hours more sleep? Of course, he does. But, he knew, to be the best, he needs to do it.

I could give you much more examples, but, you already see the point. There will be times you´d not like to do the work you suppose to.

Then, you need to decide, whether your vision is more important for you than short-term relief. And, to choose right, you need to start developing your self-discipline.

5. They Have A Strong Morning Routine

The first hour of your day usually determines how productive you´ll be this day. How much energy you´re gonna have. What level of happiness you´re going to experience.

All successful people develop morning rituals, they follow every single day. I want to encourage you, to do the same.

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6. They Are Constantly Learning

While I was looking at the habits of successful people, I found out something strange. I am sure, you already found it too.

Try to compare your colleagues or acquaintances. Look at the one who is successful, and the one who isn´t.

What I found, is that the first one, although he is much better in his job than the second one, is constantly learning. He was always reading, asking questions and trying to get better.

While, the second one, who wasn´t the half productive and successful in his job, think of learning and improving his skills as wasting his time.

See the difference?

Work hard for success

I love the story that NBA player Jay Williams says. It´s about the time, his club was supposed to play against the Lakers. So, he came there long before the game to practice.

But, someone was already there. Yeah, you guessed it. Kobe Bryant. So, they both practicing, Jay was in the gym and Kobe was throwing free shots.

Jay said to himself, he is going to work out longer than Kobe. But, after an hour and a half, Jay came to Kobe and ask him: Hey man, why were you in the gym for so long?

And Kobe replied: Cause I saw you come in, and I wanted you to know, that it doesn´t matter how hard you work, I am willing to work harder than you.

This is the habit of all ultra successful people. They always want to improve.

In my opinion, the great place to start is the 67 steps course. Imagine, learning for 67 days straight, from the most successful people in the history of the world. And mainly, you develop a habit of constant learning.

You can check it out here if you´d like to get into the next level of any area of your life.

7. They Fail A Lot

People usually think, successful people, don´t fail. This statement, couldn´t be further from the truth. The truth is, they fail, a lot.

But, they don´t think of failure as something bad. They see failure as a learning experience.

When you were a child, you touched a fire, you feel like your hand is burning, you immediately pull your hand away. What did you take from that? Touching the fire hurts and I will never do it again.

This is a way successful people look at failure. And you should too (if you want to succeed).

Accept failure, learn from it and never repeat the mistake again. In this case, failure isn´t the step back but step forward in your life.

8. They Know How To Focus

If you work on anything in life and you want to get a job done correctly and productively, you need to develop a habit of focus.

From research we know, multitasking doesn´t work, so don´t even waste time trying it.

I am sure you experience this already. You´re in work, you´re working on 1 particular project when your colleague interrupts you and give you something else to do ASAP.

Suddenly, a few important emails come to your inbox, and you don´t know what to do sooner.

Your productivity and efficiency immediately drop and your work isn´t a half as good as you want.

Gary Keller in his bestselling book The One Thing says that you should always focus on 1 thing at the time and always get your 100%. When you are in work, focus 100% on your work. When you´re at home with your family, focus 100% on that.

Don´t pay attention to something else. Find the most important thing, close your door and work solely on this. Nothing else, until you´re finished.

Be aware, that if successful people don´t do that, they wouldn´t be so successful at all.

9. They Are Action Oriented

Successful people take action. Taking action is one of the most important habits all successful people have. 

There´s this saying, that the richest place in the world is the graveyard. There you can find the books that never was written, inventions that were never discovered and many more things, that never were created.

All of that, because people fail to take action. To learn how to stop wishing and start taking action, check my article – 12 proven tips on how to take action in life.

When you´re not taking action, it´s most of the time because of these 2 reasons – fear and procrastination.

To help you with both, take a look at these short articles:

10. They Are Health Oriented

I am sure, you can find a few exceptions, but most of the successful people are health oriented. And, when you think about it, it´s perfectly logical.

When you want to become successful in any area of your life, you need to show your best performance.

To be able to show your best performance you need to have energy. And you get energy when you take care of your health.

No one, who is always tired or sick can become successful in anything. That´s why many successful people exercise regularly, eat healthily and understand the importance of sleep.

So, the last habit you should develop to become successful is to take care of your health. (Start by these 3 things: exercising, eating, and sleeping).


Success isn´t a coincidence. It doesn´t happen by mistake. All successful people develop habits.

Majority of those people, follow the same habits. Probably, because they work. They help them to become more successful, productive, full of energy and happiness in life.

In this article, you´ve discovered 10 daily habits of the most successful people. Consider adding a few of them (those you need the most) into your life.

Which habit are you going to develop first? Share your thoughts below!

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