#1 Reason Why You Can´t Overcome Your Fears

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One of the most searched thing on internet is how to overcome fear. No matter how old you are, no matter how smart you are, you will never be completely fearless.

Many times, it´s the fear that stands between where you are and where you want to be.

So, you decide you´re going to overcome your fear, but, somehow you can´t. You motivate yourself, but still, you can´t make yourself to do something, you are afraid of.

If this is your case, I believe you do one big mistake, that most people do.

And in this article, you´re going to discover:

  • #1 reason why you were not able to overcome fear (yet)
  • How to avoid doing the biggest mistake
  • How to become immune to your fears.

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How To Not Hit The “Life´s” Wall

In the book Awaken The Giant Within Tony Robbins was talking about the time, he was learning how to pilot a formula.

Riding formula is much different, then riding a car. The speed is much, much higher, which is also the reason why there are so many accidents.

He said that every time, something went wrong, he was so afraid to hit the wall that stands next to the road, so every time all he focused on was this wall.

He didn´t look anywhere else, only on this wall. 

And that´s exactly what he was doing wrong. The instructor told him what is #1 rule of piloting the formula (and in life too):

Focus on a direction you wanna go, not the one where you don´t want to go.

Every time, something went wrong, the instructor forces him to not look at the wall, but rather turn his head back to the road.

Even when a car went straight to the wall, he was forbidden to look at this direction.

And when you think about it, it makes a perfect sense.

If you don´t want to hit the wall, but all you focus on is the wall, you hit it. But, when you start looking in a direction you want to go, your brain eventually finds a way to go where you want.

And this is exactly, what you want to do in your life. No matter what obstacle, you need to find a way towards your goals.

Are You Doing This Mistake? 

Another example is also from driving. Imagine you ride a motorcycle and a car in front of you immediately set back.

Even, when you have enough time to go around this car and prevent an accident, you don´t. In the majority of cases, you crash.

The principle behind it is the same. Because of fear, you became so focused on the stopping car before you, so you don´t make any move to prevent the crash.

Your fear makes you focus on the car, even when the car is the only thing, you should avoid.

So, again, when something like that happens, try to focus on the direction you want to go, not the one you want to avoid.

How To Overcome Your Fear?

I believe, you already know, where you´ve been doing a mistake when it comes to overcoming your fears.

The biggest mistake is to focus on the obstacle, instead of your goals.

Next time, you´re going to be afraid to do something, just stop overthinking and looking for excuses on:

  • Why you can´t do it,
  • Why this isn´t just the right time,
  • Why you aren´t the right person for it.

And so on, and so one

Rather focus on your goals and the results you want to have. Visualize yourself how you do it. See yourself, how you´ve already accomplished it and then just do it.

Just take one little step at the time. Then you take another one. And another one.

Do this, build momentum and next time you notice, you´re much closer to your big goal than you ever imagined.

So, once again… focus more on the things you want, not the obstacle and you overcome any of your fears.

How To Become Immune To Fear

If you think, becoming immune to your fears means, you will never be afraid of anything, I am going to disappoint you. This is not possible.

The most successful athletes are afraid before matches.

For example, the best football player in the world Lionel Messi is so nervous before some matches, that he vomit in the dressing room. 

But, then he overcomes his fears, goes to the pitch and scores a hattrick.

The most successful musicians, artists, speakers all of them are afraid, even when they are an expert in their field.

Becoming immune to fear means to be afraid of something and choose to do it anyway.

That´s the only way, you can win your battle over your fears any time you want.

And where you find the courage to do so? – By focusing on what you want to accomplish, not what you are afraid of.

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I believe, nothing killed more dreams than fear. Because of fear, many people never wrote their books, never quit the job they hate or never start their own business.

Fear will always be here and in this post, you discovered how to overcome any of your fears.

  • By focusing on your goal, instead of what you fear, you gain the courage to take action.
  • By taking small action every day, you win your battle over fear over and over, until you will not fear this thing anymore.

Don´t let your fears control your life, learn how to control and overcome your fears.

Remember: Focus + Action Destroy Fear. 

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