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28.2. 2019

4 Secret Tips To Boost Your Confidence

Have you ever told yourself something like this? If you do, I am almost 100% sure you have a problem with CONFIDENCE. In today´s society, I see 2 types of people…     The one with WAY MORE confidence that is “healthy”.     The one with almost NO confidence. I remember like I saw a thousand and thousands of...

25.2. 2019

4 Necessary Skills For Success And Happiness

If I´ll ask you today, what are your goals in life, I bet you say one of those 2 things: I want to be SUCCESSFUL, or I want to be HAPPY. Everybody wants to know what to do to become successful and happy… In this article, you´re about to find out 4 Abilities responsible for the direction of your...

17.1. 2019

6-Step System For Effectively Solving Every Problem You Can Imagine

What if I told you there is a precise way to solve every problem you’re just struggling with? I think you´d like this, right? The exact step by step system you use every time you deal with a problem… If you are interested in something like that, just keep reading. And there will be no more intimidation and giving...

8.1. 2019

3 Signs You Will Be A Great Leader One Day

What do you think belongs among the top skills you may develop for your life? Warren Buffet said: “The best skill you may develop for your life is to persuade and lead people.” On the 15th January 2009, US airways flight 1549 lost power to both engines shortly after take-off from LaGuardia Airport after striking a large flock...

4.1. 2019

The Most Eye-Opening Story You Have Ever Read

Recently, I read a beautiful eye-opening story, which I think pretty well shows the dark side of people… Until I bumped into this story, I thought everything is fine in my life. But, after I read it, I found out, I have to change something. I found out, me and many of my friends do this mistake, which literally keeps us from achieving our goals. I...

2.1. 2019

Why Being Always Positive Can Be Actually Devastating For You

“Always be positive. Stop thinking negatively, because you are calling into your life.” Every person I know already heard this advice. In fact, 99% of all people who wants to change their lives start with changing their mindset into – Always positive mode. For example, my girlfriend once studied for an exam… and she said to...

19.12. 2018

Why Advice – Get Rid Of Negative People Is Actually Bad For You?

Did you already read at least 1 book or an article about happiness, success or anything related to your well-being? Or just watch a Youtube video trying to find out more about this topic… I bet, one of the first advice you got was – GET RID OF NEGATIVE PEOPLE. Am I Right? And it´s true… It´s...

10.12. 2018

7 Practical Tips For Effective Time Management

Imagine, you wake up tomorrow and in your bank account, you´ll have 86 400$. And the day after tomorrow, the same amount of money will be delivered to your bank account… It happens every day. But only when you use all 86 400$ that day. You couldn´t save a 1$. What´d you do with this money? Would you...

7.12. 2018

How To Make The Right Decisions In Every Situation Of Your Life

How much would your life change, if you´d always made the right decision?  How much money and time you´d save?  The answer is – a LOT! Yesterday, today, tomorrow, or 2 months from now… Every day, you are making decisions. There are small decisions, like choosing a bottle of water you will drink. There are bigger decisions...